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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject freetype not registered in ?? (was Re: Issue building with prepackaged stuff )
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2011 03:11:57 GMT

I think FREETYPE_CFLAGS is not being properly set
when SYSTEM_FREETYPE is set and this has some
relation with issue 91861.

Where is the correct place to set this? This build
problem would suggest vcl/


Building module vcl
Entering /usr/ports/editors/
cd .. && gmake -s -r -j1 [ info  ALL ] currently known libraries are: AppleRemote
X11 avmedia basebmp basegfx canvastools comphelper cppcanvas cppu cppuhelper cppunit cui desktop_detector
dl drawinglayer editeng eggtray fsstorage fwe fwi fwk fwl fwm hatchwindowfactory i18nisolang1
i18npaper i18nutil icule icuuc jpeg jvmaccess jvmfwk lng m msfilter msforms msword passwordcontainer
productregistration pthread qstart_gtk rdf sal salhelper sax sb sfx sot spa stl svl svt svx
svxcore sw swd swui textconversiondlgs tk tl ucbhelper unordf unoxml utl vbahelper vbaswobj
vcl vclplug_gen vclplug_gtk vclplug_kde vclplug_kde4 vclplug_svp vos3 xcr xml2 xo xof xslt
z/usr/ports/editors/ *** Cannot
link against library/libraries freetype. Libraries must be registered in  Stop.
dmake:  Error code 2, while making 'all____



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