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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [ISSUE] Shut-down of all name@ e-mail addresses
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 21:00:37 GMT
I was digging around in my personal way-back machine for where discussion about myname@
had occurred.  Something struck me about the magic 500,000 number.

When IDs are issued, even if later de-activated, the ID is usually retained to avoid accidental
re-issue of it to a different person.  This seems to be one of those mystery protocols honored
by providers of e-mail services and account registrations.  (I have had to be orcmid1, orcmid2
or orcmid-other on some sites because I forgot my earlier password or some other quirk prevented
my being recognized as the rockstar formerly known as orcmid.  Also, some systems, such as
AOL and evidently Facebook as well, keep account names forever just in case someone wants
theirs back.  So my 1978 CompuServe ID is still available if I want it [;<)

I don't know if that is a factor in the size of the current list at Oracle.  If it is true
that most of those are inactive and known to be inactive, considering migration of the active
ones alone becomes more feasible.  It is not necessary for us to know about inactive ones
because there's no intention to accept new requests.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for some good news from Oracle folks who might know.  How
many *active* still-usable myname@ accounts are there and is it easy to tell
which they are?

At the bottom of this post, I have attached two older ooo-dev posts that seem to have important
hints about that.

 - Dennis

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From: Rob Weir [] 
Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2011 10:06
Subject: Re: [ISSUE] Shut-down of all name@ e-mail addresses

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I'm looking for what's best for the project, Dennis.  If someone was
using an address for reporting defects to the project,
and the only way to contact them is through that address, then the
project benefits if we can ensure our ability to contact them.  if
they were using their address for other things,
unrelated to the project, then that is not our concern.  AOOo is not
the ISP to the world.

In any case, I suggest we pick a drop dead date, say in 2 weeks time.
If no one has come up with a better plan at that point, then we go
ahead with notifications via the addresses that are publicly
available, via BZ, etc., as well as prominent notifications on the
website and mailing list.  We should risk dropping all of the users
without notification, and at very short notice,  if we do nothing but
hold out for the unlikely perfect solution.  The perfect is the enemy
of the good, etc.

[ ... ]

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From: Andrea Pescetti [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 09:26
Subject: Re: OOO Test Bugzilla instance

On 27/08/2011 Dave Fisher wrote:
> That these are used to login to www, extensions, templates, and bugzilla? Anything else?

Besides what Pavel already pointed out, they are used on QATrack too.

> And are these the 455,422 people on

Yes, but I honestly don't know if accounts listed there are the "active" 
ones or all. Accounts were purged around February 2011 and only "active" 
ones were kept, for the following definition of "active": the password 
had been used to authenticate to the site in the previous 
18 months.

I don't know what happened to the "inactive" accounts, but it should be 
reasonable that BugZilla still allows them to preserve bugs history. And 
the list shown there might or might not include the "inactive" accounts.

As for passwords, all passwords were reset around February 2011 with the 
Kenai migration and all "active" users were e-mailed a new password or a 
password reset link.

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From: Andrea Pescetti [] 
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 07:30
Subject: Re: Top level question on account migration

Shane Curcuru wrote:
> - Does anyone know roughly how many oo.o email addresses are currently 
> active?

No, but I already wrote on this list that in March 2011 Stefan Taxhet
deleted most accounts and left active only those who had been used
(i.e., login on the OOo site) in the latest 18 months. This should leave
only a few hundreds accounts, but this is just my estimate.

> - Do you get full mailbox support on the oo.o server currently, or are 
> they just forwarding addresses?

Only forwarding address.


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