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From "Yuri Dario" <>
Subject Re: [patch} removal of OS2Bitmap.cxx
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 21:20:35 GMT
Hi Pedro,

> The problem is if the code doesn't carry a license it's
> assumed the code is proprietary and we cannot take it.

sure, but in this case I'm the writer of this code, so I can choose 
whatever license I prefer for my personal work.

> I personally prefer a BSD license for my work because
> I can't make any claims about patents but If the code
> you used as a template is from OOo, then we
> (actually you and only you) can add AL2 header on it.

since the other OS2* files in that module are coming from the same 
base, I think the OOo license is better suited for os2bitmap.cxx too.

> Sorry that contributing is such a mess, but you learn
> this stuff once and it works everywhere ;).

OOo past move to lgpl/gpl has created a lot of more problems in 
licensing for the code I contributed to Sun :-)

> I had no idea EMX had continued advancing.. cool :).

we use a new libc, named klibc which is based on emx but a lot better 
in many ways.

> free to send me a private message with a packaged version
> or submit it as an issue in the google code place.


> ps. If Ted Tsikora is still around there, tell him
> I said hi ;). 

I remember this name, but I never saw him on irc.


	Yuri Dario

 * OS/2 open source software

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