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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: Slooooow spreadsheet documents
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:35:05 GMT
Hi Rob,

just a remark:

In my private opinion it would make more sense to invest resources into 
impementing a formula reference which points to expanded formula cells 
(/edit/fill) like it is already done for formatting templates within the 
A slow sheet doesn't necessarily mean that calculation is slow. Better 
resolving references within the sheet (in my opinion) has more potential 
to make such documents faster. I believe by using formula references the 
documents' memory footprint could be lowered as well because a formula 
reference doesn't cost as much as a cell content containing a formula 
and containing edit engine data.

At one of the OOo conferences I vaguely remember there was a university 
project that already parallelized computation of Calc sheets. 
Unfortunately I cannot remember the project/university name anymore. 
Probably having a look at the conference session drafts might give us 
some more insight.

> I was talking to someone earlier who had ideas for speeding up
> spreadsheet computation through parallelization, and was looking for
> some notoriously slow test documents.

Kind regards, Joost

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