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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Migration: any plans to preserve mailing list archives?
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 02:03:24 GMT

On Oct 12, 2011, at 6:05 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> Shane,
> If you register on the site (recommended), and are logged in, you will
find something amazing at
> <>.  
> Those are not all of the lists.  There are, in addition, 15 pages of Projects (146 total),

> <>.  (Be logged in to view this too.)
> The Native Language (NL) projects appear to be here too.
> I believe that the static content has been captured.  Kay Schenk can report whether she
has captured them all.

Things are probably fully captured. Kay, Raphael and I have all checked in projects. The variation
in the html for each project is the next thing that I must tackle on branding/migration. The
checklist of projects including NL projects is the same. If someone cares to join me in Apache
CMS and python and other scripting then see

I'll be working on variations of and to provide the proper wrapping strategy
as indicated by the html in each project.

There are scripts in ooo-site/trunk/tools - See readme.txt for docs about the scripts. Kay
and I are debating URL rewriting which I do via sed.

> Nothing about the interactive aspects such as mailing lists and the community efforts
is being sustained or salvaged as far as I know. 

It has been a question that has not been asked of Apache Infrastructure. This could use a

> There seem to be three aspects here:

Are you describing all of OOo or just the MX part in the following three points? I will assume
that is so.

> 1. These deserve pruning.  Our alternative, so far, has been to add two mailing lists
to ooo-* @i.a.o.  
> 2. No one able to handle preparation, staging, and figuring out what to install and administer
to continue on Apache infrastructure has stepped forward at AOOo.  It is not clear who has
the keys to those operations.  When Terry Ellison was working to provide a migration of the
MediaWiki setup and the Forums services onto Apache Infrastructure, he reported that he had
no capacity to add this under his wing.  No one else with knowledge of this kind of service
has been identified.

In recent discussions Martin Hollmichel apparently has some foo with the Mailing Lists. I'm
not sure if it the correct foo, or simple Admin. I wonder if Andrew has any insight into this.

> 3. It would be great if there were some energetic body, similar to the Forums squad,
that could step in and find a way to embrace and sustain what is still important as part of
the ecosystem.  

In a related area there are upwards of 460,000 individuals subscribed as users.
It is is unclear what we can take - this may fall under tight German privacy laws. Do we care
to preserve this User Database?

> I don't have anything constructive to offer beyond pointing at the burning building.
> - Dennis
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shane Curcuru [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 16:45
> To:
> Subject: Migration: any plans to preserve mailing list archives?
> Are there any plans to preserve archives of any existing @oo.o mailing 
> lists?  I didn't see a treatment of archives on the planning page:
> Obviously any mailing lists hosted at Apache will use the normal 
> mail-archive.a.o system, but I was wondering if there's any plan or need 
> for somehow preserving the past archives of lists.
> I'd certainly like to review some of the past lists, especially the 
> marketing/branding and strategy ones.  I could imagine that a number of 
> the developer lists might also be valuable for future reference as well.
> - Shane

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