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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [VOTE][DISCUSS] Acceptance of the Proposal
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 16:53:42 GMT
When voting for the proposal are we (or are we not) voting for "Initial Committers / PMC"

Rory O'Farrell - RoryOF - ofarrwrk at

Ricardo Gabriel Berlasso - RGB-es on the Spanish forums (Admin) - rgb dot mldc at gmail dot

If I am not mistaken that formality needs to occur on ooo-private as a separate process. I
have started a [DISCUSS] thread there. Normally a DISCUSS / VOTE on ooo-private is NOT discussed
in public. I think an exception should be made here to assure the community that the whole
of the proposal is being fairly "processed" by the PPMC.


On Oct 18, 2011, at 9:27 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> In reply to this message on, vote for the 
> acceptance of the proposal for governance and operation of the 
> Forums within the Apache Podling.  The Proposal text is at the 
> October 12 version of wiki page 
> <>.
> The balloting will end midnight Friday, 2011-10-21T24:00Z, over 72 hours from 
> now.
> A majority of approvals over disapprovals constitutes acceptance of the 
> proposal.
> [  ] +1 approve
> [  ]  0 abstain
> [  ] -1 disapprove, for the following reasons:
> ANYONE MAY VOTE.  BINDING VOTES for determining the outcome are those cast by 
> any of the 54 PPMC members (to be listed in a separate message).  When the 
> same individual casts more than one vote, the last-dated vote during the 
> ballot period is taken as the final vote from that individual.  Votes made 
> anywhere but as replies to the ooo-dev list with this subject are not counted.
> DO NOT DISCUSS THE VOTING ON THIS THREAD.  This thread is for the votes 
> themselves, including explanations for -1 votes.  Any other discussion related 
> to this ballot, including discussions with anyone about their vote, should be 
> on a separate threat with subject beginning [VOTE][DISCUSS].
> - Dennis E. Hamilton
>   tools for document interoperability,  <>
>  gsm: +1-206-779-9430  @orcmid

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