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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: PMC report for October 2011
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 16:34:30 GMT
On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 11:48 AM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:


> I think that "we" as the AOOo PPMC will need to find one or more PPMC members to fulfill
certain external roles.
> Perhaps these roles are:
> (1) Public face of Security for AOOo.

Work on handling security reports occurs on a private list,
ooo-security.  It is not visible publicly, or even to the PPMC in
general.  Where there needs to be a public communication, for example,
to report a vulnerability, it comes from members of ooo-security.
This is all per the recommended process from Apache Security [1].  The
PPMC is welcome to debate and adopt contract guidelines, but I would
not recommend it.

The members of the ooo-security list are stated on our FAQ page [2]

So I think that part is already covered.

> (2) Liaison with the TDF.

Ideally, someone who is already both a PPMC member and a TDF member.
We have several.  "Half liaisons" (someone who is a member of one
organization but not the other) don't work quite as well.

> (3) Press Liaison.

As a podling we're a bit limited here, per Podling guidelines [3], but
there is certainly some scope for doing good work here, if someone
wants to volunteer.

> (4) Brand Manager / Cat Herder.

You see those as the same thing?  We've had a couple requests for
permission to use the OOo trademark and logo.  We handled those
requests well, I thought.  I don't think there is a volume of such
requests that would suggest we need a person dedicated to that.

> With people in these roles who are active then perhaps the rest of us can defer immediate
responses to questions in these areas when they occur on ooo-dev. With slight formality we
might be able to stop the periodic and damaging flames of misunderstanding.

Other areas where we could use some volunteer leadership:

5) wiki master

6) bugzilla master

7) web master


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