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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Review of Forums Agreement
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:13:31 GMT
To enable list-based discussion of the proposal, I'm pasting in the
current wiki markup.  This will allow anyone to enter inline
commentary, as a response, to the quoted original.



h1. Changes to integrate the forums into the AOOo project

h2. 1. Community

The forum community divides in:

* Site Admins
* Forum Admins
* Moderators
* Volunteers

Volunteers are registered users of the forum(s) with a post count of
over 200 (or another lower limit), who visit and post regularly to
answer questions, report spam and in general show commitment to the
forum(s), as opposed to regular registered users who may never post at
all or post infrequently, or mostly post to ask questions.
Volunteers can vote within the forum on administrative and policy
decisions just like moderators and administrators (who really are
volunteers with some extra powers). Examples of such decisions are how
to handle a particular case of user misbehavior or how to apply the
spam policy to hyperlinks in signatures. Volunteers (and other forum
members) can only vote in/on the PMC if they sign the iCLA and are
accepted as committers.
More information about the Volunteer role can be found in the
[Volunteer Code of

Note: Moderators and administrators of nl forums also get the
volunteer rank for the English forum, regardless of how often they
post there.
A volunteer may lose his/her rank after long inactivity (but will be
restored on his/her return).

Moderators are maintainers of the board, they have access to the
moderator panel, removing spam, marking topics as Solved or Issue,
editing topic titles to make them more meaningful or removing all
caps, warning people who seriously misbehave, but not applying
censorship except in case of very explicit or bad language.
More information about the Moderator role can be found in the
[Moderator Code of

Admins have access to the underlying forum code and the phpBB admin
control panel.

The forum [Survival
includes a description of the different user ranks and other
information about the culture and standards of the forum.

The following  proposal was compiled from a lengthy discussion on the
EN and ES forums by FJCC
It contains the contributions of several forum members, including
Apache Observers.

h2. Proposal

*A.* Forum governance will be discussed in a publicly readable forum.
Write access will be limited to those with at least 10 posts. The
previous governance forum will become read only with access limited to
Volunteers, Moderators and Admins. This is to protect the personal
information that was posted on that forum.

*B.* The Forum Issues section will remain private with access limited
to Volunteers, Moderators and Admins and will be used only to discuss
user behavior or similarly sensitive topics

*C.* Forum admins must sign the ICLA. They will interact with the
Apache Infra group and should be official project members. At least
one Moderator, who will sign the ICLA, or Admin on every NL forum will
commit to reporting forum status to the Project as determined by the
Apache OpenOffice PPMC

*D.* Moderators and Volunteers will keep their current functions and
will be created through the traditional process of nomination and lazy
consensus on the forum.

*E.* Any [Apache Member|]
or [Apache OpenOffice
PPMC|] member can
request Apache Observer status and thereby gain read and write access
to all forums, including Forum Issues, and have read access to the
logs. Apache Observers will not have the capability to edit, delete or
move posts or perform administrative functions unless otherwise
elected to those positions by normal forum rules.

*F.* Any decisions made by the Apache OpenOffice PPMC with respect to
the forums or the forum members will be posted on the Site Governance
forum or, in the case of a sensitive topic, on the Forum Issues forum.

*G.* The new Terms of Use will be similar to the current ToU,
particularly the clause that
"You hereby grant to the Host and all Users a royalty-free, perpetual,
irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and fully sub-licensable right
and license under Your intellectual property rights to reproduce,
modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from,
distribute, perform, display and use Your Submissions (in whole or
part) and to incorporate them in other works in any form, media, or
technology now known or later developed, all subject to the obligation
to retain any copyright notices included in Your Submissions. All
Users, the Host, and their sublicensees are responsible for any
modifications they make to the Submissions of others."  Note that
Apache Legal will review and approve the final ToUs, which will also
ensure that sufficient rights are granted to consider contributions
under the Apache License.
The current Terms of Use are here: []

*H.* Should the ASF or the Apache project decide to
terminate its support of the forums, it will grant a period of at
least 90 days for the transfer of the contents and structure of the
forums to another host as decided by the Administrators, Moderators
and Volunteers.

*I.* While the forums operate within the Apache podling/project they
will have the same domain/URL as before the transfer.

h2. Initial Committers / PMC

Zoltan Reizinger - r4zoli, Hungarian Forum admin, already PPMC member

Please add here the names of the current admins/moderators/volunteers
who want to join the PMC
Rory O'Farrell - RoryOF - ofarrwrk at
Ricardo Gabriel Berlasso - RGB-es on the Spanish forums (Admin) - rgb
_dot_ mldc _at_ gmail _dot_ com

h2. Technical changes

The forum is maintained via private subboards currently.

*Proposal #1:*
The private boards are put to read only.
A new public board "site governance" is established to discuss forum
related tasks. The messages are sent automatically to a readonly
mailinglist name "forum-sitegovernance@".
A new private board "private xxx" is established to discuss sensitive
tasks, like for example user behavior. The messages are sent
automatically to a privately archived mailing list (allowing Apache
Members and Apache OpenOffice PPMC members to view) with a specific
tag \[OOODEV:forum\].

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