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From Ian Lynch <>
Subject Re: Making donations to the project
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:48:00 GMT
On 19 October 2011 14:14, Ross Gardler <> wrote:

> On 19 October 2011 13:13, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> ...
> > b) We're not able to say anything to potential contributors about how
> > the donations would be used.  All we can say is they will not be used
> > for the benefit of any specific project, i.e., the donations cannot be
> > targeted.  We probably lose 90% of the donations right there.
> Rob, before making statements like that I suggest you find out where
> the money goes. The ASF accounts are public, take a look (I'll save
> you time, it goes to ensuring that all our projects have the
> infrastructure, not development, they need to be successful - they
> ask, the ASF provides).
> In your statement above you are assuming that any monies donated via
> OOo users will be a large proportion of what the ASF receives and thus
> "90%" of it will be used for other projects benefit. I seriously doubt
> this would be the case.

I interpreted what he said differently :-) I thought he meant that because
people would not be sure that their donation would actually go to OO they
would simply not donate - well 90% that would have would not. I tend to
agree that if you are passionate enough about OO to make a financial
donation you might well not do it just into a general pot and hope some of
it filters to the thing you are passionate about.

For example, I still don't know why people feel that the model that
> works for every other ASF project won't work for AOOo. That model has
> worked for longer than the project has existed in its
> many forms over the years. What stops it working for AOOo?

Traditionally the OOo community has been concerned with more than just
having the infrastructure in place so I assume that there is concern that if
there are no targeted donations for OOo people will donate less. That seems
logical to me. What ASF doesn't know is what difference it would make if it
was possible to target funds on individual projects. Without that data its
impossible to know.  In terms of end user awareness I should think more
people would be likely to associate with OOo as a personal tool than they
would with the sort of applications at ASF but that is admittedly a guess.

[and before anyone reacts, that is an open question, please don't read
> assumptions about whether I believe the current model works, just
> answer the question as best we can]
> If it turns out the existing ASF model will not work for AOOo then we
> can start looking at new models that will work. If it turns out it
> will work then we just have to educate those affected by the change in
> model.
> Ross


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