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From "F C. Costero" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Review of Forums Agreement
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 03:18:25 GMT
On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 8:06 PM, F C. Costero <> wrote:
>>>>> *C.* Forum admins must sign the ICLA. They will interact with the
>>>>> Apache Infra group and should be official project members. At least
>>>>> one Moderator, who will sign the ICLA, or Admin on every NL forum will
>>>>> commit to reporting forum status to the Project as determined by the
>>>>> Apache OpenOffice PPMC
>>>> Working with Apache Infra requires you have an Apache ID.  Without an
>>>> ID you cannot get onto their mailing list.  Without an ID you have no
>>>> identity in the system that they can assign permissions to.  What is
>>>> really required is becoming a Committer.  That's what gets you an
>>>> Apache ID.    Signing the iCLA is a pre-req for becoming a committer.
>>>> But the iCLA by itself is not enough.
>>> The forum admins are already listed in the initial committers section
>>> (at the moment 3 persons,more hopefully to come). They all will sign
>>> the ICLA and they will get an Apache ID, if we vote +1.
>> Good.
>>>> As for status reports, I don't think the PPMC needs a status report
>>>> from every NL forum.  I don't know about you, but I hate reports.
>>>> I'd be happy if the forum volunteers as a whole can contribute a few
>>>> sentences of status to our quarterly Board reports, and maybe do a
>>>> blog post or two about the forums, such as the "best questions of the
>>>> quarter" or something like that.
>>>> With good terms of use, as you have above, with clear reuse
>>>> permission, this enables some cross-promotional opportunities, via the
>>>> blog, the project's home page, via Twitter, etc.  I think this can
>>>> work out well.
>>> Makes it easier of course
> I will suggest changing "sign the ICLA" to "become a committer" or
> "become committers" as appropriate. I think everyone understood that
> on the forum.
> I don't think anyone wants formal status reports. Yuck! The reporting
> to the PPMC might just be an obligation to raise the alarm if things
> are coming off the rails or whatever regular feedback the PPMC wants.

>>>>> *H.* Should the ASF or the Apache project decide to
>>>>> terminate its support of the forums, it will grant a period of at
>>>>> least 90 days for the transfer of the contents and structure of the
>>>>> forums to another host as decided by the Administrators, Moderators
>>>>> and Volunteers.
>>>> A formality: this is a proposal being considered by the PPMC, not by
>>>> the ASF Board, so we cannot bind them.  We don't have that authority.
>>>> There are examples of occasions, outside of the PPMC's control, where
>>>> ASF might need to suddenly shut down the forums.  For example, if the
>>>> website is attacked by a cross-frame scripting attack and taken over
>>>> and is stealing users' passwords, then Infra will take it down with
>>>> zero notice.  They will protect the users.  They will not give 90 days
>>>> notice.  They will not give 90 minutes notice.
>>> It is not meant like this.
>>> They just want the chance to run the board elsewhere if TheASF decides
>>> not to support phpBB forums at infrastructure just because they are
>>> too oldschool.
>>> Its about giving back their data, when they are thrown out.
>>> I think everybody understands that a forum will go down if it is
>>> sending tons mail for example.
>> OK.  My point was that having a good backup plan covers them in all
>> cases.  If we just remove "ASF" (Daniel noticed this as well) then I
>> think this is fine.
> I'll suggest dropping the "ASF". "Its about giving back their data,
> when they are thrown out." sums up the concern. If the forum is judged
> not to work for Apache, forum members would like to be able to set up
> elsewhere without starting from scratch.

> I hope that helps. And, of course, all views are just my own.
> Francis
I mentioned
1. Changing "sign the ICLA" to "become a committer" in part C.
2. dropping "ASF" from part H.
on the forum and got a couple of positive responses and no objections,
so I made the change on the wiki.


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