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From Graham Lauder <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Marketing Team
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 22:01:46 GMT
On 10/15/11, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
> While discussing this month's PPMC Board Report we discussed making
> volunteers from the PPMC responsible for certain roles. We quickly proceeded
> with a Press Liaison due to the immediate need. Before settling on a larger
> set of roles let's have a discussion and come to a consensus.

Apologies for not contributing to this sooner, I'm travelling in
Australia and will be for a few more days.

Thanks, Rob and Dave  for raising this, I must admit I was not in a
good place with regard  to the project and Marketing last week and
was, frankly, ready to throw in the towel.

> Types of roles or teams:
> (1) External or Marketing Team. Involving the relationship of the AOOo
> project community with the many communities in the OOo universe.
> - Press Liaison. (Don Harbison is currently filling this role.)

Thanks Don for jumping in on this, single point of contact is best in this role

> - TDF Liaison. Dedicated to the special relationship between AOOo and LO.
> (Would we have other special relationships?)

I'm not sure that this is a necessary role, we have LO people
advocating both ways already and I think they're doing a good job.  I
read the press release and while it was factually correct, it was too
long and emotionally bereft and so the tone left to much to
interpretation.  The consequence was far too much valuable time was
used up explaining the meaning.  This simply takes a little more care
and in that way there is no need for liaison from an individual and
thus hopefully lots of LO people will join AOOo lists and widen the

> - Brand Manager. Dedicated to the OOo brand.

A whole Marketing team task pretty much, a dedicated individual could
get swamped.

 I think that is a little confusion sometimes with the seemingly
hierarchical nature of legacy OOo projects.  Yes each project had a
“lead” and a “co-lead”, the terms however were somewhat misleading. A
more accurate description would be an administrator. It is true that
closer to the core code there was a more “managed” process simply
because of the corporate heirarchy active in Hamburg and even that had
flattened out over the life of the project.  The “Lead” simply had
access to the admin tools, he certainly did not dictate policy or
direction, that was generally the result of discussion and consensus.

Branding is simply part of the wider marketing strategy and branding
right now is what should be our primary marketing focus and a group
task.  Decisions have to be made.

So I'm with Ross on this, we have some excellent people to make up the
team, those people will each take the lead on whatever task they feel
that they can contribute best. Really that's not a lot different to
the way the old OOo marketing project used to function in any case and
what made it so successful.

> - Legal Affairs. Assure that copyright, license, and terms of use are all
> proper. That the NOTICE and LICENSE files are correct. Seek copyright
> assignments from authors where helpful. (Is this another team?)
> Regards,
> Dave


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