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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Making donations to the project
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 08:35:33 GMT
On 19 October 2011 09:20, Ian Lynch <> wrote:
> This is a transfer of a discussion that started on the private list. It
> started by considering the situation of TeamOO in relation to the ASF. Many
> people over time have made small donations to TeamOO - some probably that
> are philosophically opposed to the Apache license and are committed to LibO
> or even something different. This leaves TeamOO in a difficult position in
> terms of administering the funds they have. ASF policy is that money donated
> simply goes to the ASF not to specific projects. Some would consider that
> the ASF donations system is not very accessible to individuals wanting to
> donate small amounts of money. This discussion is to explore ways of working
> that fit ASF's charitable status and donations policy while enabling those
> that want to make monetary contributions to to be able to do
> so.
> That is an attempt to summarise the discussion. If I got anything important
> wrong or left anything out please comment accordingly.

Thanks for bringing this here, there are too many discussions
happening on the private list (its not many, maybe one a week, but
that is too many). Think of it from Team OOo point of view. It now
appears that the PPMC has been dicussing them specifically in private.
How are we (the community) to build trust if they can't be a part of
our discussions?

I'd like to add too things to the above summary - first the discussion
was barely that. Some useful observations about the inadequacies of
the ASF fundraising policies for AOOo and a note that Team OOo
originally existed to handle this aspect of the project in the past.
There were not discussions, mentors immediately asked for it to come

Secondly I'd like to summarise the ASF current position so we know
where we are starting from:

- the ASF accepts donations via PayPal from individuals

- traditionally this has not been an important activity for us, but
the mechanism exists and can be promoted by AOOo

- our expenses as a foundation are adequately covered by corporate sponsorships

- we do not allow sponsors to define where money is spent, to do so
would provide a means for corporate interference in projects

- very little in the ASF is set in stone, but as a charity producing
software for the public good we limited in what we can do with our

- the ASF does not, and will not, pay for software development

- we expect third parties to ensure the projects they care about are
healthy - they do this through contribution of volunteer time

- if third parties want to earn a living by ensuring our projects are
healthy then everyone is happy (as long as our marks and the Apache
Way are respected)

- to move forwards from here the AOOo PPMC needs to clearly identify
it's needs (reminder, needs are not the same desires)

I sincerely hope that Team OpenOffice representatives will participate
in this discussion, along with any other organisation that has an
interest in fund raising.


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