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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Staging OOo Site: Bugs and Improvements
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 22:04:26 GMT
2011/10/31 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>

> On 10/31/11 5:55 AM, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> On Oct 30, 2011, at 9:37 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>>  The stuff you are doing is too arcane for me and not where I notice
>>> problems.  I notice things in the content itself at the staging site (
>>>  I might be able to learn to edit the
>>> ooo/ooo-site pages, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.
>>> Not sure which works better, bugzilla for some, wiki for others.  Just
>>> not sure.  Is there a bugzilla "project" for these.  www?
>>> - Dennis
>>> PS: Examples - the sort of thing I am noticing
>>> 1. I had a lengthy back-and-forth with Larry Rosen on Terms of Use and
>>> have guidance that I think will work with regard to wiki, forum, and site
>>> pages.  (Not the same for all of them.)  Also about Trademarks.  (What you
>>> have at the bottom of the main pages is close, others need more care.  May
>>> be a few variations to use.)
>> Good. I wanted some guidance here. CWiki?
>> Or, let's find the pages and make the changes.
>>> 2. A Q about the bottom-of-page use of the feather and mention of "the
>>> Apache CMS."
>> I've asked trademarks@a.o in general about the look. What's your
>> question? I just sort of came up with it and now I'm asking too.
>>> 3. Bug on the left of this page:<http://ooo-site.apache.**org/es/<>>
>>>  above the blue bar.
>> You mean "We're sorry"? I'm not sure either. There are lots of little
>> flaws like that. URLs are somewhat random, some are fully qualified and
>> others are properly relative. This includes css and js that are not always
>> found. These are the kinds of errors that will take some tedious time to
>> handle.
>>  4. This page, for Downloads, linked from the ES home page, has a PayPal
>>> button and solicits $25 donations for downloads:<
>>>  The solicitations are for the "oooES" PayPal account.
>> Yes, I've flagged that as well - Alexandro should be able to explain
>> oooES. I think it is in a similar category to Team OpenOffice. I've found a
>> paypal button in the Greek site to an individual for translation work. Not
>> sure about others yet. I'll know when we're complete. These were all
>> sanctioned at some point and I think the PPMC will need to decide policy in
>> conversation with trademarks@a.o.
> i think it's very confusing to have this individual donation places and i
> would remove them all. Furthermore i would suggest that we really rethink
> our portal "" in the near future. I don't see the
> necessity of having too much different content on the localized pages. A
> 1:1 translation of the English pages should be ok for all. Maybe each
> regional page can have their own news feed to announce local events but
> that's it. We should keep it simple.

Yes, this is a good idea...IMO.

> All the community work and information specific to regional communities
> should move into the wiki and forum from my point of view. Main development
> work and communication around this is done in English anyway.

This was discussed (somewhat) early on. I, like you, felt the N-L
communities might be better served by moving them to the wiki. But, then
the question was -- who should do this? Should anyone (else) take ownership
of these areas?

> And i don't think that this is similar to Team because Team
> was the only official instance that was allowed to collect
> donations from the OOo sites. All others were not allowed as far as i know.
> They were tolerated but not more. Don't ask me why, i have never understood
> this.
> well, that is my personal opinion
> Juergen


"This is no social crisis
 Just another tricky day for you."
                 -- "Tricky Day", the Who

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