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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Staging For Apache Hosted Website
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 22:11:18 GMT
Announcing as the place to work on the Apache hosted version of

Thanks Joe Schaefer!

The content is in svn at /ooo/ooo-site/trunk

It is an Apache CMS editable version of

Test version of is now found at

Similarly is at

For instructions see

(1) Large work is best local with:

Changing the skeleton or wrapping of pages causes large staging and production builds and
local iteration is advised unless you want to boost your commit count.

(2) Ad hoc work can be done by adapting 

Instead of editing markdown text (mdtext) files. You will be editing html files.

(3) Added pages can be mdtext.

(4) Some project wrap better than others...

Best Regards,
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