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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Moving ext_src to Apache
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2011 18:49:17 GMT

thinking a bit about what would be the best to do I would like to sort
all tarballs into several categories:

(1) external source tarballs with an AL compatible license
(2) external source tarballs with weak copyleft license
(3) external source tarballs with strong copleft license

The topics we need to consider are differnt in these three sections.

Everybody should know how external modules are built now:
Currently we build all external modules as part of the "main" directory:
a script in the folder of the module unpacks the tarball from the local
ext_src folder into the build sub folder of the module, applies patches
if necessary and then builds the module from its build folder (not from
its source folder as with all "internal" modules).

(1) AL compatible license

We don't have problems to add them to our repository, but we should
think a little bit about how we do it.
As we are now thinking about moving external tarballs into svn, I don't
see a reason to keep their build directories inside of "main" - at least
not for those components that will always be built as external module
and so will never be used from the system. It looks strange to me to
have the tarballs in one part of the svn repo, copy it into another part
and then build from there.
So IMHO it would make sense to move these tarballs into the folder of
the module that builds it and then decise whether the whole module
should be moved from "main" to "external".

(2) Weak Copyleft license

It seems as if we want to keep at least HunSpell, maybe more, and
according to the Apache rules we must deliver them as binaries in our
source tree. As we don't take these binaries from the original projects
as they are (for several reasons), we must build them from the sources
ourselves and that must happen somewhere outside of the "regular" OOo
build. We already do that with the "mozilla" module if the
"--disable-build-mozilla" option in configure is used. In that case
precompiled binaries are expected to be in the "moz" module.
It don't know how this will look in the future, but it seems clear to me
that we will need the sources for these components. So I will cpüy these
source tarballs into our "external" sub repo as planned.

(3) Strong Copyleft license

In the end we don't want to keep them, so sooner or later we will remove
them from our repository. The question I have now is: shall we move them
to our repository first and remove them later (as we do with the
lgpl/mpl stuff that currently is inside the source code tree) or can be
leave out at least some of them now? Different to the weak copyleft
components, the strong copyleft ones are of no use for us, neither in
source nor in binary form.
To keep things simple for now: if nobody asks for the opposite, I will
copy them into our "external" sub repo, but that's open for discussion.


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