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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Shutdown of the "" host and its Mirrorbrain instance
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 23:36:59 GMT
Am 10/26/2011 11:57 PM, schrieb Peter Pöml:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 01:43:20 -0700, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> Are there requirements for more than what is on the mirrorbrain page?
> The page should list all essential requirements.
>> Extracting the list gives:
>> Apache HTTPD server
>> mod_mirrorbrain
>> mod_form
>> mod_geoip / libGeoIP
>> PostgreSQL (or Apache DBD API compatible driver)
> While the DBD framework would allow to use other databases, MirrorBrain
> depends on features that only PostgreSQL offers. So this is a must, I'm
> sorry ;-)
>> mod_asn ?
> Highly useful when there are many mirrors, and when downloads are large.
> Both is the case with OOo. Thus, we have used mod_asn for OOo downloads
> so far and I would really recommend to continue using it.
>> If we are on ASF hardware then we won't want to serve a local copy:
>> So, "Alternatively, a pseudo file tree can created locally. In that case, MirrorBrain
needs to be configured to never deliver files directly."
> MirrorBrain is more than a file server or redirector. It automates
> the creation of checksums, hashes, torrents, metalinks and serves
> cryptographic signatures. Files need to be present locally to exploit
> these features. These features are useful for OOo because downloads are
> generally large, which requires reliable transfer.
>>>> @List:
>>>> Has anybody an idea about where to host this service? It doesn't need to
>>>> be necessarily inside the ASF.
>>> Really nobody?
>> If the mirrorbrain instructions are that simple and can be easily supplemented with
> Setting up MirrorBrain would be one way, but it would require
> replication additional configuration (for instance, download statistics)
> that we have built on the current download server
> (
> Another way would be to simply have a virtual machine, where we move the
> current server to. That would cause the least effort, I guess.

+1 this should be really our goal for now ...

> Starting from scratch would mean to lose a lot of the previos work --
> and I really mean lots, which I dare to judge because I spent a lot of
> time with
> On the other hand, having MirrorBrain at the core of the ASF's mirror
> system could be interesting for other projects, too. I know closer.cgi
> but I'm sure that MirrorBrain could serve the ASF well. (Well possible
> as an addition, rather than a replacement, for a soft transition.)
> That might outweigh the pain of creating OOo's download service from
> scratch in a different environment.

... and this the long term goal.

The ASF can really benefit from this way of downloading software. 
Currently you have to choose a mirror, then change to the directory 
structure where the respective binary is located and finally download it.

OK, the target audience the ASF currently has is developer-oriented, so 
this is not too difficult for them. ;-) However, it could be indeed easier.

But I try to think more as an enduser. And these people need to have a 
simple solution. That means a link on a webpage where they click on and 
the download of the file is starting. IMHO we have already a very simple 
solution you can see on "" and I would be 
happy to help to buildup a similar thing for the entire ASF.

Of course we can keep the current download behavior to satisfy also 
users that needs to download from a specific mirror server.


> Are you involved in maintaining ASF infrastructure, or know people who
> are?
>> Like what database is currently being used on download.s.oo.o? and which version?
> Uhm, PostgreSQL 8.4.4. (But any 8.3/8.4 version should do.)
> Thanks,
> Peter

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