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From Florian Effenberger <>
Subject Re: Neutral / shared security list ...
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:51:34 GMT
Hi Dennis,

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote on 2011-10-25 23:47:

> There is one important concern for a community security list: not all neutral locations
are created equal, from a security point of view.  There is more required for a security list
than for an ordinary mailing list, even a supposedly private mailing list.

that is indeed a valid argument. My list of proposed locations must not 
be limiting, if there are other locations that fulfill the requirements 
plus guarantee security, that would be allright for me as well, of course.

> For any other contender, the trustworthiness of the site as a location for a security
list is important.  This is different than the issues of trust that exist with regard to governance
and the participation on the security list.
> It is not a trivial matter.

If we basically agree that such a list as outlined by me is a way to go, 
I am happy to ask a friend of mine who has a very good reputation in 
being a mail server, mailing list and security expert, with a very good 
track record, including all sorts of certifications. He is offering 
e-mail services as business.

I just don't want to spread the name publically without asking him 
first, and I don't want to ask him, before we have some common 
understanding. :-)

But if we agree that such an approach makes sense, I can ping him in the 
next days and we can see if that would suite our security requirements.

(And, thanks for a senseful mail, indeed!)


Florian Effenberger <>
Steering Committee and Founding Member of The Document Foundation
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