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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: How to handle the native language lists?
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2011 10:36:16 GMT
Am 10/22/2011 12:16 PM, schrieb Manfred A. Reiter:
> Hi Rob, Kazunari-san, Marcus, *
> 2011/10/22 Marcus (OOo)<>
>> Am 10/22/2011 02:33 AM, schrieb Kazunari Hirano:
>>> Hi Rob and all,
>>> On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 8:52 AM, Rob Weir<>    wrote:
>>>> So these are user lists.  Will we want language-specific translation
>>>> and localization lists at some point?  That is why I thought it would
>>>> make sense to have "user" in the name.  So then in the future we can
>>>> have, e..g., ooo-translate-de, etc., if needed.
> sounds great for me ;-)
>>> You are right!
>>> How about letting them discuss on what kind of native language lists
>>> they would like to have in the future in their general native language
>>> list like ?
>>> :)
>>> May I propose a way to create a native language list?
>>> :)
>>> In general we create a native language list if requested and as requested.
>>> ("oo" means an ISO language code)
>>> 1. First someone should propose at
>>> 2. Once created, in they will
>>> discuss in their language about additional lists for their language.
>>> 3. They discuss on names of lists etc. then they propose additional
>>> lists for their language like,
>>> and more.
>>> "Let them discuss what they need in their language" the best way, I think.
>>> :)
> Yes, but that are decisions in the future, after first AOOo release, and when
> the community is growing ;-)
>> Wouldn't this also mean "tell us which MLs you need additionally and we (the PPMC)
>> create them."
> no, that doesn't mean that at all.

But I've understood it this way. ;-)

>> Finally, this will lead to the same ML structure like in the old OOo project. And
this is the point we want to avoid with a new ML handling, right?
> A user-list at this time is probably uncontroversial and general-list as well,
> Of course, this general ML must have a very strong link to
> Decisions are made only her on

A users list for talkings and a general list to discuss development wrt 
the specific language (features, localization, etc.) is OK. Everything 
else should be well argued.

>> So, I'm OK with creating one new ML for other languages but we should be careful
with creating>  additional ones.
> Yes, we should only create these lists, if we have the moderators, as
> Rob proposed in his first email.
> and BTW Marcus, if it should be ONE user-list for pt-br and pt-pt should be
> a decision of the native speakers we have just here with us. ;-)

It wasn't my decsion, just an opinion. So, no problem to create "pt" and 
"bt-br" lists if the people wants it.


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