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From Martin Hollmichel <>
Subject Re: Making donations to the project
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 14:55:23 GMT
Hi Ross,

the 2011 budget is based on the numbers of the 2010 budget, so the 
increase of the developer budget was caused by the internship program we 
executed last year, Juergen Schmidt may elaborate about that details.

In fact, the 2011 budget should change after the changed ownership, but 
we have to work out how. Your input is appreciated here. This of course 
is a discussion we have to do with the remaining or new communities, the 
old goverance of can't continue to exist as before (it's 
somehow dead, just to explain how the usage of the word might come up).

The annual budget of 100k we were able to provide the last year, were 
based on the "shy" donation page in the download area, as a community 
driven project there surely is room for improvements.


> Excellent, thank you that is very useful.
> 2010 budget was €100,000
> €30,000 (infrastructure, admin, ooocon bursaries, contingency) is
> fully covered by existing ASF infrastructure.
> €50,000 (general marketing, other conferences) will be covered to an
> extent, or possibly fully it really depends what this was spent on
> €20,000 (development) will not be provided by the ASF (non-negotiable)
> Of the €100k only €20k of that will definitely not be provided by ASF funds.
> In 2011 the developer budget was doubled to €40k, but how much of that
> was a reaction to the change in ownership?
> Ross

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