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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Renaming of
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 16:17:57 GMT

On 10/18/2011 01:29 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:
> On 18 October 2011 03:55, Andreas S�ger<>  wrote:
>> Am 18.10.2011 01:35, Carl Marcum wrote:
>>> Since we already need to do some re-branding for adding Apache, I think
>>> we should drop the .org which I believe was only there because
>>> OpenOffice was already trademarked.
>> And still is:
>> But then Apache OpenOffice(TM) would get round that. One possibility would
> be to Trademark Apache OpenOffice alongside and publicly
> declare they are referring to the same thing. Gradually replace as many
> instances of OOo with AOO as is practically possible while the first code
> release is in preparation. Design logos ready (they don't have to be
> released immediately but designing them and deciding which to use takes time
> and we don't want to be rushed into that at the last minute). On the first
> code release announce the official consolidation to Apache Open Office.
> Putting things off is not going to help in making a smooth transition and
> will detract from the impact of that initial release when it happens. It is
> a marketing event that has to be planned because it is a one off
> opportunity.
> John said that everyone now knows that is an Apache product.
> I very much doubt that is true. Most end-users I have talked to have no idea
> what LibreOffice is, the Document Foundation or Apache. We have to think in
> terms of consumers with AOO/OOo. Most are not geeks, most don't even know
> there was a product called Star Office or that Sun was bought by Oracle.
> This is why marketing is a very different game to developing code.
> I accept that it might take a while to sort out the best timing to make any
> trademark changes but we do need to make a decision in principle so everyone
> can refer consistently to one agreed set of terminology even if it is only
> for internal use to start with.

OH boy. Well the discussion is getting complicated.

Consider this--

We ahd agreed to keep the "user facing" web site for Apache


its current DNS name

-- and, as Dennis pointed out, despite the common use of OpenOffice in 
speech, is THE recognizable entity and reference in all 
printed communication.  In previous discussion, it's been repeatedly 
pointed out, that in terms of what's already been developed for "the 
brand" -- see the Marketing Project materials at

a change is HUGE headache.

Couple that with recent information about the Apache podling -- -- and I truly feel that a re-branding/trademarking *at 
this stage of development* would not be good, and could potentially be 
harmful in terms of identification.

Shane has suggested the PPMC should deal with this -- fine. And Rob has 
suggested the new marketing head (team) should deal with it -- maybe 
also fine. Maybe a nice compromise would let the "marketing area" 
suggest something to the PPMC.


"There is no such thing as coincidence."
            -- Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Rule #39

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