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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix for #118485#, #108221#, #67705#
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 11:09:50 GMT
Hi Armin,

I have got a full OLE feature build from Ariel and could do some further 

Armin Le Grand schrieb:

> I checked all changes again and added the patch to #118485#. Now I'm
> looking for someone volunteering to add the patch, build AOOo and play
> around with OLEs a little bit, reading the patch will also help in this
> case, it's not too big to do so.

Make a DINA6 document in Writer with two pages. In my test case it 
includes a linked picture. Export to a pdf-file.
Start a new Draw document. Insert the pdf-file via
Insert > Object > OLE-object > Further objects [The way via 'from file' 
does not work, but that was already wrong in OOo3.3]
Then 'Adobe Acrobat Document' and 'from file'.
The Acrobat Reader opens, here in German, exit with 'Datei' > 'Beenden 
und zurück zu (null)'.
Save the document. Sometimes the dialog 'ASCII Filter Options' comes up, 
but I cannot reproduce it reliable. In such a case click 'Cancel', the 
file is saved nevertheless.

Reopen the document.
Doubleclick the OLE. The Acrobat Reader opens. Switch to second page 
there and go back to Draw.
Do something with the OLE, for example rotate a little bit.
Again doubleclick the OLE and switch page in Acrobat Reader. Go back to 
Do something and again switch the page.

Notice, that the OLE-object in Draw does not always show the chosen 
page. It seem so work immediately after a reload, but no longer if you 
have done something.

Kind regards

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