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From MiguelAngel <>
Subject Re: Forums down: SQL Error: Too many connections [1040]
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 22:54:09 GMT
El 18/10/11 0:28, Rob Weir escribió:
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 6:16 PM, MiguelAngel <> wrote:
>> El 17/10/11 23:09, Rob Weir escribió:
>>> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 5:03 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> Rob,
>>>> There was an update to the Forums Proposal based on some of the comments.
>>>> message about that is
>>>> <>:
>>>>   I mentioned
>>>>     1. Changing "sign the ICLA" to "become a committer" in part C.
>>>>     2. dropping "ASF" from part H.
>>>>   on the forum and got a couple of positive responses and no objections,
>>>>   so I made the change on the wiki.
>>> OK.  If there are no objections in the forum, and no objections
>>> expressed on the list, then why the hell are we voting?   IMHO, JFDI.
>>>  Welcome aboard, Forum Volunteers!
>>> -Rob
>> Hi Rob,
>> Forgive me, but my understanding of English is not very good, only a
>> forums volunteer.
>> Please could you explain in a more understandable words?.
>> I would like interpret right what you have writen.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> -Miguel Ángel.
> Sure.  In an Apache project, there are only a few situations were we
> require a vote.  One is to approve new committers or PMC members.
> Another is to approve a release.  For other decisions we operate by
> "lazy consensus".  This means that if there are no objections to a
> proposal, then the person who makes the proposal can go forward and
> implement it.  No vote is required.
> I'd prefer that we do not have an unnecessary vote when there is a
> clear consensus to go forward with the forums.  Having unnecessary
> votes might suggest that in the future other decisions might be
> deficient if they do not also have unnecessary votes.  I don't want to
> set that expectation.  I don't want us to make the decision making
> process in the project less efficient.
> JFDI mean "Just F***n'  Do It".  In other words, once it is clear that
> there are no objections, then stop talking about, just do it.  The
> idea is to eliminate needless discussion on the list.  There are many
> other things we need to discuss  and resolve.  We should take the
> proposals that we agree on off the list and start implementing them.
> So thanks for submitting the proposal.  It was discussed and no one
> objected.  Congratulations.  Now the hard work begins....
> -Rob
Thank you very much for the clarity and detail.
My doubts are gone.
- Miguel Ángel.

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