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From floris v <>
Subject Re: Status of migration of OOo domains?
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 22:13:40 GMT
Op 14-10-2011 0:02, Kay Schenk schreef:
> On 10/13/2011 12:31 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> On Oct 13, 2011, at 11:57 AM, floris v wrote:
>>> Please forgive my ignorance, but what's really the problem with
>>> the Kenai templates and all that? If we can import the actual data
>>> (which, I suppose, sits in a database) in some readable format,
>>> isn't it possible to replace the Kenai stuff with Apache stuff?
>>> There'd probably be only one html or php page with the Oracle and
>>> Kenai logos on it and all pages in that section would be extracted
>>> from the db and inserted in that template. Not such a big deal, or
>>> so it seems. All that is needed is Apache logos and maybe some
>>> other graphics and formatting like different fonts, dependent on
>>> what goes with the Apache styles. What am I missing?
>> You are missing nothing. Much of the OOo web code is in the AOOo svn
>> repository already. Kenai has svn and there are scripts in our
>> project svn to export.
>> I am working on the wrapping. It is almost to the point where anyone
>> can easily help and I'll update those instructions. Other plans seem
>> to be coming together soon, in a matter of weeks.
>> Shane is looking for a more immediate solution. He is asking if it is
>> possible to change the existing site template hosted by Oracle at
>> Kenai. This is not so easy, but we are looking to see if someone has
>> that "foo" and will step forward.
> HI floris v...
> and mostly ditto on Dave's comments. We have NO intention of trying to 
> recreate kenai. The problem at the moment is no one, and I do think I 
> mean pretty much no one (well Andrew says he has access to "the 
> machine" but can he can fix the Oracle branding?), is even minding the 
> (now .com) store. That is, this site/project, was also 
> abandoned by Oracle just about the time it gave over OpenOffice to 
> Apache. Go to
> to read what's there.
> What this essentially means is there's a machine up complete with a 
> bunch of old kenai projects on it ( being one) and no 
> kenai master at hand.
> Our best best, IMHO, is to just get the DNS (name transfer to Apache) 
> done as quickly as possible; do whatever we need to to get a skeleton 
> site up (Dave and I, but mostly Dave have been working toward this for 
> a bit); fix the DNS records to point to the new "actual 
> Apache machine", and get on with it.
> Bottom line. We will NOT be using kenai templates, (and yes, we've 
> already got the relevant page "guts" if you will,) and we don't care 
> about them *now* except for all the Oracle branding that's there and 
> we can't fix. Andrew might be able to figure this out...I don't know.
>> Regards, Dave
>>> Peter Roelofsen aka floris v
You mean to say: you can't find anybody at Oracle ready to give somebody 
at Apache ftp access to the Kenai servers to download all content. 
That's pretty awful.

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