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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Status of migration of OOo domains?
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:36:27 GMT
It's been almost two months [1] since Oracle officially started 
assigning the various oo.o domains to the ASF.  Do we have any actual 
progress on migrating - or at least re-branding to show Apache heritage 
rather than Oracle - the actual content of various oo.o sites?

In particular, I'm concerned not just about the technical/code content, 
but also about other content, especially oo.o sites that may require 
significant changes to reflect ASF ownership and Apache OOo stewardship 
of these domains.  There are far too many different kinds of content, I 
imagine, to have a single way to transfer all of them, so I think we 
really need to just start on at least some rebranding and figuring out 
which ones can be moved (or changed) independently.

In particular, I'd really like to see people working on the non-code 
informational sites on oo.o like about, council, marketing, 
infrastructure (or website), and the other topics of bizdev, 
certification, distribution, and especially security.

Independent of the great code we've inherited, we've also inherited a 
rather large brand, and I think we need the PPMC to take a much more 
active and constructive focus on managing that.

I'm presuming the best place to get an overall view of what's being done 
is on the wiki, correct?

- Shane


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