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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Solve SVG visualization without cairo and librsvg
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 15:13:25 GMT
Hello Armin;

--- On Thu, 10/6/11, Armin Le Grand wrote:

>     Hi Pedro,
> On 06.10.2011 06:30, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> >   Hi;
> > 
> > Perhaps someone can explain what the agg_module does?
> It's rather interesting,
> > and apparently it has some relationship with SVG:
> >
> Not with SVG, but with canvas as it looks. It's used in
> canvas/source/tools for canvastools, see ENABLE_AGG and
> SYSTEM_AGG vars. I cannot tell if this is actively used,
> there are (dependent on ENABLE_AGG) two files in
> canvas/source/tools (bitmap.cxx and image.cxx) which
> implement canvas classes by using agg stuff.

OK, please note that they have some nice SVG examples
there. I looked at the history and this module was
not modified by SUN (barely some innocuous warnings
on Solaris) so it would be very easy to update.

If you don't have/find any use for it then, as Thorsten
suggests, it will go.


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