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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Making donations to the project
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 16:34:15 GMT
I thought that the previous discussion (on this list, not just ooo-users) 
at the following:

 1. ASF does not accept donations that have strings on how the funds are used.
 2. The means for individuals to make contributions to ASF in honor of the
support for is to use the ASF donation page and PayPal and add
a comment that the contribution is inspired by being at Apache
(or any other factor).  This does not carry any targeting of the donation, but
it informs ASF of what action on its part has inspired the contribution.

With regard to targeted activities, I thought it was made clear that any other
entities that accept donations must remain external to ASF and must not cause
confusion with regard to ASF association and how the ADF AOOo operates in any
manner.  That effectively ended the previous discussion, because
such arrangements are not our business here (so long as there is no serious
confusion, of course).


Now, a factor in the current conversation is the fact that there are pages on
the current site that (1) direct contributions to Team and (2) are used by Team in acknowledging
contributions to Team as if they are contributions to  This particular approach is clearly unacceptable going
forward - the coupling is too close and confusing. ASF is not going to
recommend a primary recipient for donations other than itself.  This matters
for both legal and policy reasons, as I understand it.

It seems more appropriate for a page on the web site to feature
how to contribute to ASF and how such contributions are used.  That page or a
companion could also link to other entities that support
development and promotion and that accept donations.  However, there is the
issue of vetting the authenticity of such activities and the manner in which
they account for how received donations are employed.  The likely situation is
that ASF would place a strong and prominent disclaimer that the list is not
comprehensive, ASF is not affiliated with those other entities in any way, and
that ASF is not responsible in any way for how donations are solicited and how
received funds are managed and disbursed by other entities.  I don't see how
ASF can go any farther than that, and Apache AOOo should stay within those

I suspect it would also be appropriate to have a link to a place for reporting
any concerns about a particular link as well as recommendations that a link be
added/removed.  Because of the rather sensitive nature of such matters,
ooo-private@ i.a.o might be a better destination, if not some preferable @a.o

 - Dennis

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From: Ian Lynch []
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 02:41
Subject: Re: Making donations to the project

On 19 October 2011 10:21, FR web forum <> wrote:

> I have initiated this discussion on users list last month:
> No real answer was given to me

Maybe there isn't an answer as such.  It could simply be making people more
aware of possibilities. Unless someone makes a specific proposal for change
based on the discussions nothing will change. Until we know the TOO
perspective, it's difficult to know what changes if any would be useful in
their situation.


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