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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Review of Forums Agreement
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:00:31 GMT
The Draft Proposal for governance and operation of the Forums
within the Apache Podling is available on the Apache OO.o
Community Wiki at

The Draft Proposal is the work of the Forums operators, with
consultation of Apache contributors.

It is proposed to discuss this proposal for at least 6 days starting now,
Tuesday 2011-10-11, and ending at midnight Monday, 2011-10-17T24:00Z.

Once discussion of the Draft Proposal has quieted by that time or later,
discussion can stop.  If it is then evident that a ratifying ballot on
acceptance of the Draft Proposal by the Apache OO.o Podling can be held, a
separate [VOTE] will be initiated on the ooo-dev list for that purpose.
Ratification of the Draft Proposal will establish the commitment of the Apache
OO.o Podling to implementation of the proposal and honoring its provisions for
governance of the Forums as part of the Apache OO.o Podling.


The Draft Proposal represents the current thinking of the

Instead, discuss suggestions and modifications on this list and await any
changes to be made as the Forum operators choose to offer
improvements in response to the discussion, including based on ooo-dev
suggestions of their own.

When it is concluded that the Draft Proposal is in a final condition suitable
for ratification, the Forum operators will notify us of their
readiness (repeatedly if there is still ongoing discussion and improvement).

 - Dennis

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