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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [REVIEW] Staged Migration of OO.o domain properties (long)
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 23:56:28 GMT
I've been pondering what it takes to choreograph migration of the live properties into Apache custodianship.

Instead of shoe-horning something on the Community Wiki, I want to rehearse 
some ideas here:

     1. Basic Idea of Properties
     2. Stages of Property Migration
     3. Coping with Dependencies
     4. Identifying and Accounting for Migration Activity


The live wiki can be considered to be organized into separate 
but interdependent properties (think forums vs. mailing lists vs. wikis vs. 
downloads vs. documentation ...).  The properties even have their own 
addresses in the roadmap for the domain.  (I owe the 
"properties" term to Shane Curcuru.)

Some properties provide utility services for other properties.  Also, the 
properties are often organized on behalf of Projects.  For 
example, there is a marketing Project in its own property that includes web 
site, source control (for the web site), 8 mailing lists, bug tracking (the 
general bugzilla in this case), and a download area of marketing-related 

That's the metaphor.  It's a way to look at what there is to choreograph.


Here are five stages to consider in the migration of a property:

  (1) Preparation - adjustments on the live property in anticipation of 
migration including migration trials and configuration of a soft landing 
place.  Individuals with site administration, services administration, and 
maintenance capabilities on the existing live-site property are required. 
Trial migration and configuration activities require Apache infrastructure and 
AOOo project contributors on Apache-hosted systems.  There is also preparation 
of the users of the live property for the changes to come, accounting for how 
disruption is being avoided (or not).

  (2) Staging - capture and packing of all live materials and movement to 
archives and any staging area for rehosting.  The property may be dark while 
staging happens.  Staging is a coordinated activity among live-site 
contributors and Apache contributors.

  (3) Re-Hosting - bringing the staged property alive under new hosting.  The 
re-hosted property is visible either as part of the original live site (as 
with forums and wikis, ideally) or in a new form reached independently and 
referred from other properties of the main site (as was done with the main 
bugzilla, for example).  Apart from any clean-up of the vacancy at the site, this involves Apache infrastructure and AOOo project 
contributors.  It is important to realize that there are software processes to 
re-host, not just data.

  (4) Incubation - additional adjustments and further migration effort as part 
of incubation activity (e.g., IP review, splitting of release-facing material 
from user-facing material, and performance tuning).  The property is 
maintained by Apache AOOo in conjunction with Apache Infrastructure, with 
incubation as required for an Apache/AOOo-hosted property.

  (5) Stabilization/Continuation - ongoing operation as part of a stable 
structure (until next time)


Elements of the stages can overlap other stages, when there are no rigid 
sequencing dependencies.  It may also be necessary to perform some activities 
later in the migration than is ideal simply because there is no opportunity to 
accomplish the activity where it is most desired.

Also, there are dependencies and interactions with other properties, 
especially those that are services to a particular property, or are served by 
that property.

There may need to be considerable triage and the users of a property will need 
to be informed early enough that their own adjustments can be made.

There are unknowns in terms of required effort, necessary skills, and ability 
to adapt Apache hosting arrangements.  This is seen with the effort to migrate 
the MediaWiki services.

Risk management is required along with contingency planning and identification 
of ways to mitigate risks that arise.


There may be a structure that could be placed on the wiki for identifying and 
mapping the migration opportunities and constraints.

I'd like to know where this is not understood before diving down to such 

 - Dennis

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton []
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 14:46
Subject: RE: Status of migration of OOo domains?

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[T]here does need to be some lofting around what is a roadmap here, and
how does the existing live site be staged (and users informed) for transition
of the properties under

I'm thinking on it.  I am trusting that others with their hands on the knobs
and dials will also speak up on what they can do by way of preparation for
staging, and then staging.

 - Dennis

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