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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] When Is a PPMC Invitee a PPMC Member?
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2011 18:40:13 GMT
I am initiating a lazy consensus with regard to when someone is recognized as 
being a PPMC member.  Recognition as a PPMC member applies both for being 
listed on the Podling Status roster and for eligibility to cast a binding vote 
on any podling ballot.

The discussion will last until midnight Tuesday, 2011-10-18T24:00Z.

PROPOSAL: No one is established as a PPMC member unless they have an 
invitation to the PPMC and they are subscribed to ooo-private@  No one who has not established themselves at the PPMC 
before a vote commences (on ooo-private or on ooo-dev) is not counted as 
casting a binding PPMC-member vote on that ballot.


It is easy for any AOOo committer who has an invitation to the PPMC to 
establish themselves.  Simply subscribe to ooo-private@ 
using the id@ From: e-mail address that each committer has.  If 
that e-mail address is not used, use the e-mail address that is known for the 
committer from the iCLA registration or that is listed for that id@ 
in the MailAlias.txt file.  (Modifying MailAlias.txt will or will not be easy 
depending on individual circumstances.  Requests for assistance work.)

Why be fussy about this?  First, it is inappropriate for someone to exercise a 
binding vote when they have not been participating on the PPMC by at least 
receiving the ooo-private discussions and being aware of whatever is being 
said there about procedures, discussions leading up to a ballot, etc.  That is 
a very low bar.

When and how a PPMC Member is established is an important matter.  There are 
edge cases around when votes (and vetoes) are counted as binding.  (Think of 
PPMC Member establishment as an equivalent of voter registration in 
jurisdictions that have such procedures.)

For example, when a ballot is carried out on the ooo-private@ i.a.o list, the 
distinction is between mentors and PPMC members.  Since it is on a list that 
only PPMC members (and mentors and ASF Members) may subscribe to, it is 
relatively easy to recognize votes by PPMC members.  The odd case of someone 
coming on board in the middle of an ooo-private ballot hasn't occurred.

Similarly, for ballots carried out on the ooo-dev list, there is the question 
of standing (binding or not) of those who have been invited to be on the PPMC 
but who have not established themselves on the PPMC and of those who establish 
themselves after the balloting has commenced.

When asked how I record PPMC membership in the private register that I 
maintain for the PPMC, I asserted that anyone who has not established 
themselves on the PPMC is not on the PPMC in the published list of committers. 
This [DISCUSS] is to ensure the consequences of that on matters of importance 
are understood and that there is consensus now, rather than in the midst of 
some contentious deliberation.

 - Dennis

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton []
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 18:22
Subject: RE: [DISCUSS] Publishing the PPMC Roster

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From: Rob Weir []
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 17:48
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Publishing the PPMC Roster

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4) How are you determining who is on the PPMC?  Based on vote?  Based
on subscribing to ooo-private?  Based on an authorization file?
  I am not aware of anything like an authz for PPMC members.
  I use the fact that they are invited or elected to be on the PPMC and
  they have actually established themselves on the PPMC by subscribing
  to ooo-private.  I propose that someone who has been invited to the
  PPMC, is established as a committer, and has not subscribed to ooo-
  private to not be established as a PPMC member since they have not
  arranged to follow PPMC discussions and participate in voting.

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