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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [VOTE][DISCUSS] Acceptance of the Proposal
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 16:48:32 GMT

This is the roster of the 54 established PPMC members, with their Apache User Names/IDs, as
of midnight Monday, 2011-10-17T24:00Z

Kai Ahrens : kahrens
Florent André : florent
Eric Bachard : ericb2
Dave Barton : bmcs
Mathias Bauer : mbauer
Stephan Bergmann : sb
Raphael Bircher : rbircher
Simon Brouwer : simonbr
Andy Brown : therabi
Arthur Buijs : artietee
Jin Hua Chen : chenjinh
Jian Hong Cheng : chengjh
Alexandro Colorado : jza
Robert Burrell Donkin : rdonkin
Terry Ellison : terrye
David Fisher : wave
Wolf Halton : wolfhalton
Dennis E. Hamilton : orcmid
Don Harbison : dpharbison
Ivo Hinkelmann : ivo
Kazunari Hirano : khirano
Drew Jensen : atjensen
Christoph Jopp : cjopp
Damjan Jovanovic : damjan
Peter Junge : pj
Yegor Kozlov : yegor
Marcus Lange : marcus
Graham Lauder : yo
Steve Lee : stevelee
Wang Lei : leiw
Christian Lippka : clippka
Ian Lynch : ingotian
Yong Lin Ma : mayongl
Carl Marcum : cmarcum
David McKay : thegurkha
Ingrid von der Mehden : ingrid
Maho Nakata : maho
Frank Thomas Peters : fpe
Allen Pulsifer : apulsifer
Eike Rathke : erack
Manfred Reiter : fredao
Zoltán Reizinger : r4zoli
Phillip Rhodes : prhodes
Andrew Rist : arist
Lawrence Rosen : lrosen
Kay Schenk : kschenk
Jürgen Schmidt : jsc
Yang Shih-Ching : imacat
Jomar Silva : homembit
Kai Sommerfeld : kso
Malte Timmermann : malte
Jean Hollis Weber : jeanweber
Rob Weir : robweir
Jian Fang Zhang : zhangjf

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 09:27
To: OOo-dev Apache Incubator 
Subject: [VOTE] Acceptance of the Proposal

[ ... ]


ANYONE MAY VOTE.  BINDING VOTES for determining the outcome are those cast by 
any of the 54 PPMC members (to be listed in a separate message).  When the 
same individual casts more than one vote, the last-dated vote during the 
ballot period is taken as the final vote from that individual.  Votes made 
anywhere but as replies to the ooo-dev list with this subject are not counted.

DO NOT DISCUSS THE VOTING ON THIS THREAD.  This thread is for the votes 
themselves, including explanations for -1 votes.  Any other discussion related 
to this ballot, including discussions with anyone about their vote, should be 
on a separate threat with subject beginning [VOTE][DISCUSS].

 - Dennis E. Hamilton
   tools for document interoperability,  <>  gsm: +1-206-779-9430  @orcmid

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