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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [REVIEW] Staged Migration of OO.o domain properties (long)
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:58:42 GMT
I like your breakdown.  I don't think that each of us is looking at the same 
thing, and my use of "property" has apparently confused matters.

But I like your breakdown.  I would like some practice on a wiki organization 
before automating though.  I'd prefer something that grounds our understanding 
before [more] technology gets put in the way.

And I like your breakdown.

I've also been pointed to the Status Board used on FreeBSD: 

It is probably necessary to do this sort of thing in layers, with progressive 
deepening.  For migration activities, some of the deeper level checklists will 
have similar structure but may have a different mix of contributors and the 
check-off's would happen separately, I think.  There is no release staging in 
our case, although one might define numbered/named waves in the incubation of 
the site under Apache hosting.

And I like your breakdown.

Let's keep noodling.

 - Dennis


I was afraid that the use of [web] property in the real-estate or venue sense 
as opposed to in the philosophical/class-theoretical/data-model sense was 
going to make some confusion.  For example, projects are properties, if I 
understand the usage I was borrowing from Shane.  I see that my metaphor in 
terms of civil-organization structures failed.  Here is one of the places I 
noticed the usage I was attempting to exploit: 

I like what you are doing, though I think tabulations on a wiki is a better 
way to develop migration choreography.  If that is one more case of generated 
material, I am worried that there is one more barrier to participation and, 
perhaps, premature implementation.

There is another issue.  Early in the creation of the incubator, there was a 
lengthy discussion, perhaps on ooo-private, that hierarchy is to be avoided 
and is perhaps anathema in The Apache Way.  In the past days, there has been a 
rush to what appears to be institution of hierarchy to obtain the benefits of 
specialization.  I wonder about that and the use of "leader."  I am also 
unclear how something as complex as as an institution is 
operated in a headless structure that depends on self-organization of 
specialized activity.

I would love to have the coaching from mentors on developing ourselves to 
operate in accord with The Apache Way here.

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From: Dave Fisher []
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 10:19
Subject: Re: [REVIEW] Staged Migration of OO.o domain properties (long)

Hi Dennis,

This is an interesting approach. In the Wikis we have accumulated many of the 
properties for the multitude of sub-domains for OOo. I like that this approach 
is open-ended and properties can be added to the parts as these make sense.

The approach taken so far fits this idea. I think it makes sense to build an 
xml file of properties. Some properties that make sense:

(1) project.
(2) OOo subdomain.
(3) technology (html, wiki, BZ, etc.)
(4) Oracle resource.
(5) AOOo svn location.
(6) Edited or straight copy (some areas like downloads and www required 
editing to make the AOOo version work.)
(7) Staging URL ( ->
(8) OOo project leaders
(9) AOOo volunteers / sysadmins.
(10) OOo MLs
(11) AOOo MLs (if any)
(12) Link from Top navigation.
(13) Rewrites of HTML resource URLs - css, branding, base urls
(14) Apache CMS wrapping procedure - at least three approaches are needed.
(15) AOOo branding template.
(16) IP address / VHost (?)
(17) LIcense.
(18) Copyright.
(19) Ready?
(20) Migrated?
(21) Apache Infra contact.

I like this open-ended approach it fits current scripts in 
ooo-site/trunk/tools/ to handle updates from Oracle Kenai,

We can use xsltprocs to generate some index pages like

I don't know that we will want to continue with so many subdomains but the 
httpd server will need to know how best to rewrite URLS. We will probably 
always want a, but I don't know that we prefer to

I'll start this property file as ooo-site/trunk/lib/properties.xml - I'll 
define the properties in a CWiki.


On Oct 14, 2011, at 4:56 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> I've been pondering what it takes to choreograph migration of the live
> properties into Apache custodianship.
> Instead of shoe-horning something on the Community Wiki, I want to rehearse
> some ideas here:
>     1. Basic Idea of Properties
>     2. Stages of Property Migration
>     3. Coping with Dependencies
>     4. Identifying and Accounting for Migration Activity
[ ... ]

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