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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: [WINDOWS-BUILD] Can't successfully build the module of comphelper!
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:25:43 GMT
On 15.09.2011 07:33, 陈京东 wrote:

> Before building the module of comphelper, everything is ok! but when compiling comphelper
and generating the file - icomphelp.lib, an error occurs, like this:
> [ build LNK ] Library/icomphelp.lib

first, if you have a build problem it always helps to copy the complete
failed command, not just the abbreviated version.
i.e. try "cd comphelper && make -r"

> mktemp: unknown option -- -
> Usage: mktemp [-V] | [-dqtu] [-p prefix] [template]

that is unusual.

the relevant lines from solenv/gbuild/platform/

> gb_TMPDIR:=$(if $(TMPDIR),$(shell cygpath -m $(TMPDIR)),$(shell cygpath -m /tmp))
> gb_MKTEMP := mktemp --tmpdir=$(gb_TMPDIR) gbuild.XXXXXX

what is the value of $TMPDIR in your environment, or, if it is not set,
what is the output of "cygpath -m /tmp" ?

it should not contain any spaces, that has always caused problems.

another reason for problems could be that your mktemp is not GNU mktemp,
or is some outdated version.
but if you have a recent Cygwin installed that should be used.

what is the output of "which mktemp" and "mktemp --version" ?

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