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From Pavel Janík <>
Subject Re: handling of ext_sources - Juergen's suggestion [was: Re: A systematic approach to IP review?]
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 11:45:59 GMT
> Proposed way to move forward
> 1. put the externals under .../trunk/ext_sources
> .../trunk/ext_sources
> .../trunk/main
> .../trunk/extras
> 2. adapt configure to use this as default, disable the download (maybe
> reactivate it later if we move to a DSCM)
> 3. keep the process with checking the md5 sum as it is (for potential later
> use)
> Any opinions or suggestions?


And one more question:

If we put something into SVN into .../trunk/ext_sources, do we have some URL that can replace
http://hg.... so users don't have to check out everything? Ie. do we have a URL where we have
"real checkout" of the SVN? Some SVN web interface? Don't know Apache infra well yet... That
would be real killer solution!
Pavel Janík

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