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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject [proposal][www][lazy] Apache CMS Site for the Website Migration
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:52:29 GMT
I would like to propose the following change in approach for the migration of the
website to Apache. We should split the site svn tree into two separate trees. This will allow
us to quickly address the divergent license, copyright, and footer issues with clarity and
without working against the Apache CMS's framework.

Mixing the migration with the incubator site as subfolders is now a plroblem.
I realized I was about to bloody my forehead - bash my head against a wall.

Here are the details.

(1) Split the current ooo/site/trunk/ and create ooo/ooosite/trunk/. Move all of the
migrated content to the ooo/ooosite/ site tree. Each site will now have its own templates/skeleton.html
with correct license headers, copyrights, and terms.

(2) Request that infrastructure attach the new ooo/ooosite/ tree to the cms buildbot and webgui.
If Infrastructure is willing I propose -

If it must start as part of the incubator then

(3) Every AOOo committer will be enabled to use the Apache CMS's webgui to make edits in order
to align the site's policies to the new project. It has been confirmed that it is possible
to edit the source html in the WebGUI / Bookmarklet. As Dennis has written these should be

(4) No changeover of the current until the project agrees.

I'll start the tree splitting process this Friday in 72 hours allowing plenty of time for
comments and consensus.

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