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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: An invitation to committers to the OOo Community Forums
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 09:28:58 GMT
> Shane there are some intrinsic differences between a DL and posting into a
> forum. However, reading this entire thread I get the feeling that some of
> the current practices on the forum may be unacceptable to Apache / the
> project.  However in this case, I would suggest that:
> 1) we adopt an evolutionary approach -- that is get the forums moved and
> then make any changes.
> 2) we constitute a small group with forum experience *and* ASF experience do
> a specific task of reviewing current practices against Apache norms and
> practices, then draft some change guidelines for feeding to the forums, and
> an impact assessment of their implementation.  We can then feed them into
> the ooo-dev list for comment and if needed vote on their adoption.

Actually - reading this thread - I think running an support forum of
this kind is something we haven't done before at apache (or at least
to my knowledge). That being said we probably need to rethink of what
we have done in the past.

> This would address such issue as:
> (i) Do we allow the forum moderators use the forum itself to discuss forum
> management or must this be done on ooo-dev

In tradition, all ASF related matters - code, users etc - are
discussed in public on the dev list. The user lists has been utilized
to do support to users. Now there is an forum in addtiion to a list.
The credo is:"if it happened on list, it didn't happen". Ok, the board
is not on list - so it didn't happen. I think management of the board
can also happen on the board as Terry suggested (i think he did).

But that my personal opinion.

> (ii) Do we permit the NL forum moderators to use their own NL for this or
> are we insisting that this is done in English?

I am all for native language, as long as committers are around who can
understand this language.

> (iii) Do we permit the use of a closed access forum / DL for discussing
> forum conduct?

To discuss general rules and how to run the board, I am for ML -
because all committers can read. For specific cases, like bad user
behaviour or such, a closed forum on the forum would apply imho

> I have my own opinions on the consequences of some of these points, for
> example, many NL moderators / volunteers have poor working use of English;
> many moderators would be unwilling to discuss moderation issues for
> establish consensus if this had to be done in public.  My feeling is that if
> we choose to forced them to work this way then we will lose many of our
> moderators / forum contributors who answer most of the Qs.  But let us at
> least draft this guideline and vote on it before executing.

+1, as you said, ooo was always a multi-language project and we should
not reduce. But there must be people who have an oversight - a few
committers must speak the language, than it is ok.

> I will post a synopsis of this thread to the forums and ask them to comment
> back here.

Oh thanks :-) I should answered on the board right? ;-)


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