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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: An invitation to committers to the OOo Community Forums
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 15:06:32 GMT
>> If behavior discussions are going to occur at all, it's probably
>> better that they happen in public rather than there be the feeling of
>> a secret faceless committee to which users can neither respond nor
>> appeal.  The latter can lead to discontent.
> Exactly.  And where do users go to complain about moderators?

ooo-dev@ ;-)

> I had one person contact me off list, not about the support forum
> moderation specifically, but about moderation in another part of OOo.
> He had concerns about heavy-handiness in moderation, of unpopular
> views being booted.

This is not a matter of private discussion on users behavior or not.

> We shouldn't hide our heads in the sand and pretend that everything at
> OOo was perfect and that everyone got along, and everyone was happy.
> This is not true. There were power centers within the project, there
> was abuse and there was discontent.  LibreOffice didn't just happen on
> a whim.
> I think a jolt of transparency will do us much good.  We need to learn
> to collaborate well with each other openly. We need to be moderate in
> moderation.  If we think we need 30 private moderation forums and 30
> moderators in order to do user support, then that is a warning sign
> crying out that we're doing the wrong thing.

I think 30 are really to much. But one might be OK.
One question: how much moderation is actually happening? And why? Is
it really users behavior? In fact I can't imagine 30 boards are
necessary for only keeping trolls out.

If possible, some stats would be fine to have a better understanding
of the issue.

> Like I asked before, if we had zero private moderator forums, what bad
> thing would happen?  Why can we replace secret tribunals with open,
> peer pressure and leadership by example?

Really, is the situation so worse that "secret tribunals" is a
matching term? (I really don't know, its not a rethoric question).
I am all for openess don't get me wrong. The other mail today from
Terry showed me there something strange going on. People simply want
to use the tools they have used before. They want to speak their
language. I think this should be possible. Reducing the "tribunal"
factor to a minimum is a very good thing. I just don't want to read of
some moderators discussing my grandmoms behavior in public.

> -Rob
>> Don


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