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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:28:48 GMT
On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:39 AM, floris v <> wrote:
> I'm not so sure that further differentiation between AOO and LO is such a
> good idea. The Document Foundation with LO was started because some people
> didn't trust Oracle. Now that the code base is being transferred to ASF, and
> it looks like ASF is taking its responsibility for OOo seriously (from the
> outsider's point of view), the need for a separate LO may disappear. There
> is some concern that the community will split over the differences between
> the two versions, and a big difference in the user interface won't make that
> better. And if OOo users want to help LO users in the forums, that will be
> easier the more the two programs resemble each other in look and feel.

>From what I can see (and I see more than is public at this point) the
investment in AOOo is soon going to be greater than what is in LO.
These developers will not be very interested in sitting around, doing
nothing, moving no faster than what LO can do.  It is natural, as AOOo
grows, for it to evolve quickly, bring more innovation, and leave
other forks behind.  I don't think we can or should try to avoid this.

Of course, there are ways to reduce the pain of divergence.  For
example, LO can take improvements from AOOo and merge them into LO.
The Apache license encourages this.  LO could also end its fork, and
put their development effort on the AOOo project.  They would be
welcome here, as long-lost brothers.

> A very different reason to keep things as they are that it always takes time
> to get used to a new UI. I _hate_ the most recent changes in the UI of most
> browsers, that make finding the options screen almost impossible, and that
> only because the designers wanted to get rid of the menu bar. We still work
> with the qwerty keyboard, that has been designed to slow typists down, so I
> can't find a good reason to change a working UI.

Good point.  We don't want to make changes just because we can make
changes.  We want a purpose.  Many users spend hours each day in front
of their spreadsheets or word processor.  They develop "muscle memory"
for every command keystroke, and play their word processor like a
piano.  We don't want to upset that.

On the other hand, most of our potential users are using MS Office,
and they have radically changed their UI....


> Thank you,
> Peter aka floris v
> Op 22-9-2011 19:28, Guy Waterval schreef:
>> Hi all,
>> 2011/9/21 Rob Weir<>
>>> I don't want to distract us too much for the 3.4.0 work.  There is a
>>> lot of work to do, mainly around the detailed work of IP review.
>>> However, I think we should have a parallel conversation, with project
>>> contributors as well as with users, about what we could do after that,
>>> in a major release.
>> Perhaps time is coming to try to change the interface. We've now two
>> projects LO and AOO which have the same look and it's perhaps not so good.
>> I
>> think a new look for AOO could give it a better identitiy and could be
>> more
>> attactive for the mass of the end users as the old one. But as I'm not a
>> coder, I don't know if this could be "easily" realisable.
>> Best regards
>> gw

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