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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:54:13 GMT
On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 5:07 PM, FR web forum <> wrote:
>>What can we improve?
> Oh? Will you prove to be a Father Christmas? :-)
> This is the feedback from the french forum and improvements that we request us the most

Sorry.  My original note was ambiguous.  I mainly wanted to discuss
how we can start this conversation about AOOo 4.0.  When we really
start it, I think we'd want to engage users via the blog, as well as
the ooo-users list.  Other Apache projects might be ideas as well,
especially how there projects could enhance AOOo.

I think if we engage in this kind of brainstorming, we should also be
disciplined.  Some good practices would be:

1) We would need some volunteers to transcribe or summarize the posted
ideas onto a set of wiki pages.  These "scribes" ensure that we have a
useful record of the ideas.

2) Don't "shut down" someone's idea by criticizing it.  This is not
about voting or expressing approval or disapproval.  It is about
collecting ideas.  If we are critical too early this tends to stop the
flow of ideas.

3) But it is fine to do a quick +1 to express support for an idea.  Or
even better, to express willingness to work on the idea.

4) We want to avoid turning this into a debate.   The goal is to start
a conversation, get more people enthused about what AOOo 4.0 could be,
and by showing what is possible, attract new project volunteers.   The
time to start thinking about AOOo 4.0 is now!

5) We should not try to duplicate the Issue Tracker.  We have
thousands of ideas there.  The brainstorming is not just a about
lobbying for known proposal.  (but it might be partially that)  It is
about having a conversation with project members, users, others at
Apache and elsewhere, and developing a shared vision of AOOo 4.0.

Does this make sense?


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