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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Dissatisfaction amongst the community admins, moderators and volunteers
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 16:48:10 GMT
On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Kazunari Hirano <> wrote:
> Hi Rob and all,
> I would like to know about migration of the Japanese Community Forum,
> ""
> It has three admins.
> 1. DrewJensen
> 2. TerryE
> 3. khirano
> It has six global moderators
> 1. DrewJensen
> 2. foral
> 3. khirano
> 4. NakataMaho
> 5. parpy
> 6. TerryE
> As you know, DrewJensen, khirano, NakataMaho and TerryE are members of
> Apache incubator project.
> foral and parpy who were very active, long time
> contributors are now very active contributors in Japanese LibreOffice
> list and in
> Japanese LibreOffice forum
> :)
> I will ask foral and parpy to subscribe
> If they subscribe the list,
> "" can be fully migrated
> onto Apache, right?
> If they resign as global moderators,
> "" can be fully migrated
> onto Apache, right?

Hirano-san,   I would look at it like this.  The forum volunteers
consider themselves to be an independent, self-governing community
within the community.  The infrastructure on which the
OOo websites are based, including the forums, is going away.  I don't
think anyone can dispute these facts.

You have options right now that are entirely under your control and
which require zero consultation with Apache, such as:

1) Do nothing and have the forums disappear when Oracle servers are shut down

2) Take active steps to migrate the support forums to an independent site

You also have other options which would require greater coordination
with the Apache, including moving the forums into the AOOo project.  I
prefer that option, but this is not my decision.  This is something
that the forum volunteers will need to discuss and reach consensus on.

If the forum volunteers wish to move the forums to Apache then I would
expect them to make a proposal made on the ooo-dev list for us to
review and comment on.  The contents of the proposal are up to you.  I
listed in another thread [1] the questions I would like to see
covered.  But you can ignore that if you want.  However, the proposal
would need to be accepted by the PPMC, via lazy consensus at least,
and I expect that will be impossible unless you give serious
consideration to how the forum would operate within the Apache
project, including questions of branding, policies, role mapping,
transparency, etc.

Does this make sense?  We can't force the forum volunteers to join the
project.  But neither can the forum volunteers force the forums into
the project.  We need consensus of both the forum volunteers and
consensus of the PPMC.  But this consensus needs to start from a
concrete proposal.

Could you work with the other forum volunteers to put together a
proposal that you all agree on?  And then we can discuss it on
ooo-dev?  I'm trying to respect your historical autonomy.  But you
need to also respect that the PPMC must review and approve these
things as well.




> Thanks,
> khirano

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