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From Tor Lillqvist <>
Subject Re: Not new but under a new hat
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:55:11 GMT
>>I come back to the point that if division is intrinsically good, why not
>>fork Inkscape, Audacity, Gimp, etc etc.

GIMP has been forked for quite some time... Read up on the history of
CinePaint (formerly known as "Film GIMP") and its disagreements with
GIMP. Here the reasons for the fork were mostly technical
disagreements, but sure, these were about policy issues like in what
way the project should evolve, "quick and dirty" (then surprisingly
followed by "let's change the toolkit used") or "slowly but steadily
towards perfection". Or something like that, but I am not neutral and
should probably not say more... (I am in the GIMP camp).


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