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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: The OOo Community Wiki handover of activities
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 16:25:43 GMT
On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 2:40 AM, Terry Ellison <> wrote:

> As has been pointed out by posters on this DL,  I've now "resigned" twice
> from the project.  On the first occasion I said I was leaving but committed
> to finish off my forum / wiki work first as long as we could avoid a
> ping-pong of personal criticisms / hostile posting on the ooo-dev DL.  The
> second time I dropped this commitment because it became clear to me that we
> were again slipping into personal attacks.  Even so, what I don't want to
> happen is for my decision to leave to cause a "denial of service" because of
> my being a "single point of failure" for some activities.  However, I won't
> discuss this thread further on this DL.  I leave this to TJ et al.  I will
> reply to constructive personal emails, and am happy for any recipients to
> quote that content here.
> In the case of the forums, the bulk of the setup work had already been
> completed and so I have been working with Drew Jensen in the background to
> transfer their support and administration to him should the project decide
> to proceed with this migration.  I have pretty much documented these tasks.
> The wiki is a somewhat different issue, because this work wasn't so far
> along, and so I wanted to make some statement on the DL on this.  We have a
> stable build of MW 1.15.5 (albeit not in svn) running on
> with a stale but recent clone of the production wiki
> on it, as the only material content updates have been by a user Hohenheim to
> some of the OOoES NL pages.  I have also activated TJ's account and upgraded
> this to admin / bureaucrat, and I am willing to offer TJ the same occasional
> support that I am currently providing to Drew whilst he gets up to speed.

Also if there is something we could do to support the migration we have a
couple of VPS running with available space and bandwith. Unfortunately at
the moment we still have some todo with the BZ skinning and templates for
the site. should this be renamed to


> Whatever the project's long term plans for the wiki, it will remain provide
> a useful reference resource from which to migrate content if the Oracle
> service is shut down.  IIRC, a couple of contributors / committers have
> asked for a copy of the schema and content so that they can work on it and
> on any data migration. So making this available seems to be a sensible way
> ahead since the vast majority of the content is already publicly accessible
> and could used / scraped under the terms of the PDL, etc.  I will place this
> on the usOOo site.  So please expect to see a file
next at the weekend which will explain how to download this content.

I'll dl that to our servers just in case we need extra redundancy.

> The issue that I need to be careful about (really on behalf of Oracle / the
> old OOo projects) is that some data elements are not already publicly
> accessible and which could in my view be deemed to be personal data falling
> under EU Data Protection legislation, so I would need to be a little careful
> about how I expunge these from any copy for developers.  As far as I can see
> these could all be mangled to avoid such issues:
> *user_password*
> This is already stored in highly mangled (MD5 including salt) format so is
> not readily attacked apart from brute force guessing.  What I will do is to
> replace 3 internal letters by 3 pseudo random letters to make such this
> attack more impractical. (see note 1)
> *user_real_name
> *This field is not made publicly available, and is only used for content
> attribution.  I will therefore blank this in the dump.  However I will keep
> a copy and make this accessible to any PPMC member who warrants that this
> will be used for the purposes of content attribution.
> *user_email*
> This field is not publicly available.  I will replace it by
> strcat(md5(user_email), '')  (see note 1)
> *watchlist
> *Remove all watchlist entries.  Users can always recreate their own list.

How was this part handled for OOo's BZ? My guess is that there was no public
download so this was never an issue.

> *Notes:
> *
> 1. Part of my reason for doing this was a point that Rob made: that Apache
> should require users to explicitly acknowledge some form of ToU as part of
> re-registering to recover any existing account.  I have already started to
> develop a MediaWiki extension form on my VM MW 1.17.0 version which would
> allow any user to "reconnect" to his/her account if either (i) they knew the
> existing password, or (ii) knew the existing email address and could issue
> email confirmation from that address.  Any competent PHP/MW developer could
> easily do this with the above data element mangling.
> 2. I will delete all accounts that have made no contributions to the Main
> or User namespaces.
> 3. I am still concerned about this whole issue of content attribution.
>  IIRC, under the old OCA contributors only vested joint rights to Sun/Oracle
> and free licence on any patents.  The base copyright and patents were
> maintained by the originator. The PDL is even tighter of contributor rights
> retention.  So far we have discarded all audit of contribution in svn and
> are currently considering doing likewise for documentation content, dropping
> contribution audit trails and defaulting to blanket Apache copyright.  As
> some third parties  might take a different view on this, I propose to keep a
> full private archive of the D/B myself as an independent audit reference.
> With these changes, I would be happy to put a copy of the wiki dump on one
> of the old OOo servers so that it could be pulled by any ooo-dev developers.

*Alexandro Colorado*
** EspaƱol
fingerprint: E62B CF77 1BEA 0749 C0B8 50B9 3DE6 A84A 68D0 72E6

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