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From Jean Weber <>
Subject Status of existing OOo user guides
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 12:34:05 GMT
Just trying to be quite clear on something here, since every time the
topic turns up, it seems to mutate into a wider discussion without
actually answering the question of the relationship of the existing
user guides to AOOo.

We have established that relicensing the existing OOo user guides
(which are licensed CC-BY) to the Apache license is not practical.
Does this mean, as Rob has suggested, that these guides *cannot* be
part of the "official" documentation for AOOo or only *should not* be
part of that doco?

I think Rob's suggestions for "boldly going where OOo Docs have not
gone before" are good ones, but they won't happen immediately. In the
short term (for the next release of the software), we are most likely
to have a choice between updated CC-BY-licensed user guides, or no
user guides at all.

What should I tell the small group that remains from the ODFAuthors
team that has been working on the user guides?


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