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From Kazunari Hirano <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Set up of ooo-dev-ja at
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 08:09:04 GMT
Hi all,

I propose setting up of ooo-dev-ja at

As Japanese mailing lists such as,,,,,,,, will be closed, I
would like to invite subscribers
on those lists to ooo-dev-ja at

We have many subscribers (users and contributors) who don't read
English on those Japanese lists.  We would like to use the list,
ooo-dev-ja at, to discuss "in Japanese" many
things related to Apache
1) To understand the proposal
2) To understand the status
3) To read and navigate pages on the site
4) To learn Apache way, Apache License and more about Apache
5) To learn how to use wikis
6) To discuss about the forum and the mailing list.
7) To discuss about translation, QA, marketing, documentation around and
after AOOo release.
8) To learn SVN, how to get source code, how to build AOOo

Generally we will discuss how to manage things on the list with
Japanese users and contributors.  Then Japanese AOOo users and AOOo
developers and AOOo contributors can understand Apache
project and discuss how to make AOOo the product and community better
"in Japanese" involving Japanese users and contributors who don't read

We would like to use the list where we can discuss "in Japanese"
everything related AOOo like how to use it, bug reports, feature
requests and ask subscribers to help develop Japanese AOOo the product
and the community.  Many Japanese people and Japanese
users and Japanese media will read the list in Japanese and understand
what is AOOo incubator project and what is happening in the project.

ooo-dev-ja at will be not only a good
communication tool but a good marketing tool, a support tool and
working place for Japanese users and contributors and Japanese people.

I also propose 2 moderators for ooo-dev-ja at
1. Kazunari Hirano
2. Maho Nakata

If there are no objections to the above proposal within 72-hours then
I will invoke Lazy Consensus and will create a JIRA issue.


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