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From Kazunari Hirano <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Set up of ooo-dev-ja at
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 12:18:28 GMT
Hi Manfred and all,

2011/9/9 Manfred A. Reiter <>:
> If you mix everything like user questions and answers, marketing, QA et
> cetra on only *one ML*, you will alienate the poor users.

I know :)
I will invite Japanese people on lists to
We don't know how many will come and subscribe to the list.
We don't know how many new AOOo users will come and subscribe to the list.

If many AOOo newbies come to the list, we may have to ask them to put
[user] tag to Subject when they post their question to the list.  If
many marketers come, we ask them to put [marketing] tag.  If many
translators come, we ask them to put [translation] tag.  They will be
in Japanese, [ユーザー] [マーケティング] [翻訳] :)
Or we may think about creation of ooo-user-ja at,
ooo-marketing-ja at and/or ooo-translation-ja at and so on, and make proposals to ooo-dev at
We would like to discuss these things on the list in Japanese.

It is natural, we, Japanese, can think quick in Japanese, can
communicate smoothly in Japanese, can have quality discussion in
Japanese, then we can make a good feedback, a good proposal and a good
report to ooo-dev at

> But it seems to be the way it is.
> so ... I wish you all the best.


> Keen to hear from your experiment ;-)

Right.  Experiment.
We do it, and we will find what works and what doesn't work.

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