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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Observations and a suggestion on posts and timezones
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 23:04:20 GMT
Finally the light dawns and the world turns. I've hoped for this for a couple of months.

You've brightened my day ever so slightly, tomorrow we will see. Being in San Francisco I
will be able to judge.

Let's see how we all do now :-) 


On Sep 6, 2011, at 3:28 PM, Rob Weir wrote:

> Recently, my day has looked like this:
> I wake up, check my email, get a flurry of new posts from project
> members in Europe.  Since I'm reading them all at once, I naturally
> respond to them all at once.
> This of course causes everyone in Europe to get a flurry if emails from me.
> A few hours later, Dennis, out in Seattle, wakes up, reads his email
> and sees a bunch of emails from me, responding to a bunch of emails
> from Europe.  Like me (presumably), he reads them all at once and
> responds.
> Then, at the end of my afternoon, Jean, in Australia, wakes up, checks
> her email, and sees a mess, and starts responding.  Presumably those
> in Europe see these posts, plus any late posts from Dennis, a few
> hours later, and then we repeat.
> I assume this perception is not mine alone, and happens to others, in
> different orderings, depending on your time zone.
> We can't repeal timezones, of course.  But I think we can improve the
> situation a little.   What I'm thinking I will start doing is:
> 1) When I wake up, I'm going to read all of my emails before I respond
> to a single post.  There is nothing really so urgent that it requires
> an immediate response.  And sometimes I'm surely going to find out
> that someone already responded to the point I was going to make.
> 2) Instead of responding to multiple posts in a thread, I'll aggregate
> my points, aim for one summary response per thread where possible.
> 3)  I'll focus more.  My priorities may not be the same as yours, but
> I do have priorities.  Not everything is equally important.  I don't
> need to comment on everything.
> If others can think about these observations, and maybe adopt related
> practices, I think we'll make the mailing list much more digestible.
> Regards,
> -Rob

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