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From Pavel Janík <>
Subject Re: handling of ext_sources - Juergen's suggestion [was: Re: A systematic approach to IP review?]
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 15:42:01 GMT
> Is your main concern performance?  Even as individual tarballs,
> ext-sources is 86 files, 250MB.  ooo/extras is 243 files and 822 MB.
> And ooo/main is 76,295 files for over 900MB.  So ext-sources is not a
> huge contributor to download time.

You have to think about compressed data. ext_csources is 250MB *after* compression. extras
and main *can* be compressed.

But for me, it doesn't matter if it is in VCS or in a directory. And yes, VCS allows change

The file names on hg are prepended by MD5 sum:

Pavel-Janiks-MacBook-Pro:.ooo_tar_balls pavel$ md5sum d70951c80dabecc2892c919ff5d07172-db-4.7.25.NC-custom.tar.gz

d70951c80dabecc2892c919ff5d07172  d70951c80dabecc2892c919ff5d07172-db-4.7.25.NC-custom.tar.gz
Pavel-Janiks-MacBook-Pro:.ooo_tar_balls pavel$ 

So there is some work already done around this and it has some logic.
Pavel Janík

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