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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Re : [Discuss] Lost in translation
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 05:19:35 GMT

Le 4 sept. 11 à 17:58, Simon Phipps a écrit :

> On Sep 4, 2011 7:04 AM, "eric b" <> wrote:
>> Stefan is Simon Phipps friend in the background.
>> Sophie belongs to Louis's friends list.
>> What I don't know is about Louis and TDF in the background.
>> Maybe you see better why everything is blocked now ?
> No, I'm not clear on your accusation.

That's no problem for me to explain again : a lot of people are  
completely lost, and confused in this mailing list. And people who  
mostly prefer code, would like to see more code :)

So I added simple information:   Mr X is in Team A, and Mr Y one is  
in Team B.  C is friend of D, and  so on.

I tried to limit what I wrote to facts, say to a "Mathematical"  
description, but no statement, really.  I know I'm not native  
speaker, and I'm sorry if I was not enough precise for your taste.

I'll add further information :  you represent TDF.  Another fact is  
that TDF has been created without inform the  
Community, including Project Leads. More precisely, some people  
suddenly declared they created it. This divided the Project Leads,  
created a lot of confusion, and a lot of people no longer understand  
what happens.

Now, I see TDF proposes a "Board of Director".  This means TDF has a  
pyramidal structure (read : The Cathedral and the Bazaar), will be  
controled by several Companies, who will decide.
The simple contributor will decide nothing, but is welcome to work on  
what TDF owns.

As you can see, there are no personal statement, just facts.

> But since you're including me in it,

Yes, but is was a simple description, a reminder for people who no  
longer understand why you are there. You are there mostly for  
lobbying ( trademark), to defend a group of Companies  
who aims to control Free Software, in a "Governance" or some close  
word sense.

Here, are skilled people, who would like to share the knowledge, but  
without being controled by any company, and driven by meritocraty :  
they are there just because they want to share, including with  
LibreOffice, obviously.

Those people are Apache

Eric Bachard

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