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From floris v <>
Subject Re: Top posting is bad
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 09:45:41 GMT
Op 30-9-2011 10:46, Ross Gardler schreef:
> At the risk of starting a flame-war I am going to state that
> top-posting is bad on publicly archived mailing lists. Can we please
> stop doing it?
> It is very difficult to understand what is going on in a mailing list,
> especially the archives, if it is common practice to top-post rather
> than reply inline.
> The problem is that one has to go back to the beginning of a thread to
> get a grasp of the context of a discussion. Top posting assumes that
> everyone has read every word up until that post. Very often this is
> not the case. Very often people dip into a thread half way through.
> Either because they have been busy for a few hours whilst the
> discussion progressed or because they got to the message via an
> archive search.
> Replying inline with careful cutting of no longer relevant content
> (this is the hard part), retains context and allows people to
> understand the main gist of what is being said. If someone is looking
> for the answer to a question in the archives, this context will tell
> them if the answer provide is for the question they are asking (in
> fact inline posting makes most search engines more accurate too as a
> result of proximity matching). If the person is dipping in to an
> ongoing thread the context can tell them how far back they need to
> read in order to understand the current position.
> I realise that some people disagree with this and prefer top posting.
> However, in ASF projects it is generally accepted that top posting is
> bad. Other environments are good for top posting, but ASF projects are
> not.
> Ross
That was probably aimed at me. Sorry if my posting behaviour makes for 
hard reading, but for me the inline replying is hard to follow.
Peter aka floris v

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