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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Is it worth looking at Confluence Wiki Again?
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:33:22 GMT
On 9/27/2011 20:37, TJ Frazier wrote:
> On 9/27/2011 17:03, Rob Weir wrote:
>> <snip>
>> I'm assuming this is the link:
> That should be a good assumption, but no. It's busted. I'll fix it.
> Meanwhile, you can see it on the main page of the live wiki:
> The problem is complex. Give me a day or so.

OK, try the "statistics" link. Now showing top 100. Page is still messy 
because of difficult working conditions (ATS problem).

>> Do we have any sense of what % of page visits are comprised by the top
>> pages? The above numbers look impressive, but I have no idea if the
>> top 10 pages account for 20% of the hits, or 1%.

AFAIK, the wiki is keeping a hit count per page. Someone with SQL karma 
and fu could total the field. It's a big number: the 100th page has 
10E5+ hits.

>> I can crunch the numbers if there is some way to derive them. I could
>> even crunch the http logs directly, if they are saved for a couple of
>> days.
>> In any case, the top pages you've reported are not typical "community"
>> pages.
> True.
>> They would work well as markdown pages.
> Only if we ignore the valuable feedback from user changes on the
> manuals. I find this a significant quality enhancer.
>> Except maybe the
>> FAQ's we want to be more dynamic and wiki-enabled. Might even be
>> something the Forum volunteers would be interested in maintaining
>> directly, since they would have the best sense of what questions are
>> "frequent".

I suggest that a lot more info belongs on a wiki, rather than elsewhere. 
Please see my upcoming reply to a commit by Dave Fisher, on a web page.

>> I think this is encouraging.
>> -Rob

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