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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject odma.h [was: Re: my next (tiny) steps - clean up regarding stuff which is not conform to the Apache license]
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:28:37 GMT

thanks for details on ODMA and the made research on the current source code.

I have figured out that the complete ODMA stuff in our source code is 
not part of the build and thus, not part of an installation set - the 
source folder /ucb/source/ucp/odma is not built.
I did some research in OOo's hg repository to find out when the build of 
this folder has been removed. Surprisingly, it does not seem that it has 
been ever built, because I did not find a revision of /ucb/prj/build.lst 
which contains /ucb/source/ucp/odma - may be I overlooked something.

Thus, I will go ahead and create a patch which removes odma.h from the 
source code for now.
If we want to reactivate the ODMA stuff later, then I think Dennis can 
provide us with a odma.h file with a suitable license.

Best regards, Oliver.

On 28.09.2011 21:40, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> If you mean ODMA.h, I don't believe there is any dependency on it and you should just
get rid of it.
> If you need to deal with it as third-party code, I can get you a version with a BSD-variant
license that applies, although the header itself has not been touched.  AIIM approved the
license some time ago.
> I think the simple solution is to remove the ODMA.h header and delete the dialog about
offering ODMA selections on Open ... first or not (if that is even present in current
builds).  Post the patch on removing ODMA.h and I'll be happy to commit it [;<).
>   - Dennis
> In fact, ODMA.h is not a file anyone would use to bind to the ODMA32.dll, because then
ODMA32.dll is required to be on the system.  The whole idea is that ODMA32.dll and the present
of a DMS that is registered to work with is done by discovery, and these are
the wrong headers and the wrong protocol for that.
> If someone wants to figure out a decent binding for ODMA32 (there is no ODMA64 at this
time) in the future, I can help with that.  I even have better headers and sample code for
going through the discovery process.  I can even Apache License those [;<).  (Duhh.  I
just realized that.)
> However, I suspect that any further efforts at DMS and Content Management systems would
be by tightening the WebDAV integration and also looking into CMIS as the most promising low-hanging
fruit for content-management integration.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Oliver-Rainer Wittmann []
> Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 06:05
> To:
> Subject: my next (tiny) steps - clean up regarding stuff which is not conform to the
Apache license
> Hi,
> I will now join the folks who are working on the clean up regarding
> non-Apache license conform stuff.
> Looking at the wiki - -
> provides some low-hanging fruits for me for a start.
> I will create patches for the following Apache license problems:
> - UnixODBC
> - dtrans/source/os2/clipb/OS2Bitmap.cxx
> - A header from GNU c library
> - ODMA
> Any objections to execute these already proposed and marked as solved
> issues?
> Best regards, Oliver.

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